Kitten Kong! Surreal moment ‘giant’ cat called Mittens emerges from railway tunnel on a model train set

  • Mittens the cat, from West Yorkshire, squeezed through a model train tunnel 
  • The adorable pet belongs to train driver Jon Lawton, who posted the video  
  • In the cute clip Mittens emerges through the tunnel and walks onto the railway 

This is the surreal moment a giant cat appears to emerge from a railway tunnel. 

Train driver and railway model enthusiast Jon Lawton shared the hilarious footage of his black and white cat Mittens exploring his model railway on his Twitter account last week and it has since gone viral. 

Mittens, who has more than 1,000 followers of her own on Twitter, can be seen crawling out of the tunnel as a model train enters the tunnel on the neighbouring tracks.

Mittens the cat squeezes through a tunnel on a model train set in an adorable video posted by Jon Lawton from West Yorkshire 

Mittens emerges from the tunnel and onto the model train tracks before standing up and walking off

Sharing the video, Mr Lawton, from south Yorkshire, wrote: ‘So. 2-6-3 Bell code sent. Or possible trespassers. 33201 gets sent to investigate the mysterious goings on at Ravens tunnel.’

The clip has been liked more than 6,000 times and retweeted more than 2,500 times.

Viewers love the feline trespasser’s cameo, with one user calling Mittens ‘Kitty Kong’.

Comments on the video of the cute cat playing around on the model set call Mittens ‘Kitty Kong’ 

A model train can be seen passing on the neighbouring tracks as Mittens steps out from the tunnel

User Kirsty said: ‘Best looking trespasser I’ve ever seen. Such a cute kitty.’

Another comment from Liesbeth Corens added: ‘The single one reason-for-delay announcement that I’d be perfectly happy with.’

‘You should patent that and sell it as an idea to London Underground. Clean the tunnels and get rid of vermin all in one,’ Neil Croft wrote.

This isn’t the first time Mittens has taken the internet by storm. A video of her towering over and meandering through passing trains on a model set also went viral this September. 

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