Feline upstaged? Cat gets stuck in curtain behind student as she delivers speech to her class online

  • Cat climbs up curtain as the student delivers her speech to her class on laptop
  •  The feline tries to climb onto couch but gets its claw stuck to curtain’s fabric
  • Student’s roommate crawls along the floor and comes to rescue of the cat

This is the comical moment a playful cat gets stuck on a curtain as its owner delivers a speech to her class online.

Footage captured in Fayetteville, Arkansas, shows the feline make its way up the curtain before emerging outside and climbing onto the couch.

However the cat soon realises its left claw is stuck to the curtain’s fabric and a struggle ensues as the oblivious student continues speaking to her class on her laptop.

The students delivers her public speaking speech to her class in Fayetteville, Arkansas, as the cat begins to climb up the curtain 

The feline emerges from the curtain and tries to climb down onto the couch but soon realises it is stuck 

During the clip, which was filmed on January 21, the student delivers her public speaking speech to her class.

The curtain behind the young woman begins to move as her cat makes its way up.

As the cat tries to climb onto the couch, its claw hooks onto the curtain and the feline begins to flail around.

Moments later, the student’s roommate crawls along the floor to rescue the helpless cat.

The student told Viral Hog: ‘I was giving my public speaking speech online and in the middle of my speech, my cat got stuck on my curtains. 

‘She was flailing around for a while and I was so focused on my speech I didn’t even notice. 

‘Finally, my roommate crawled to the rescue mid-speech. I didn’t have any idea any of this had happened until I rewatched it at the end.’ 

The feline begins to flail around on the couch and tries to pull its claw from the curtain

The student’s roommate crawls along the floor and comes to the rescue of the cat

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