A FAKE Boris Johnson was pictured drowning in plastic last night in a damning campaign ad showing how millions of bottles get chucked away and end up abroad.

Greenpeace revealed a powerful new advert showing the PM being swept away by a monumental amount of plastic waste.

Campaigners highlighted the shocking amount of plastics that the UK dumps on other countries every single day, showing a huge mount reaching out of Downing Street and spilling out onto Whitehall.

It came after The Sun this week highlighted Greenpeace's shocking report into how millions of tonnes of Britain's own plastic bottles end up in Turkey, and are burned or dumped on the side of the road.

Our Show Some Bottle campaign is calling on ministers to urgently bring forward plans for a Deposit Return Scheme to help incentivise Brits to recycle more of their bottles.

Arnie Schwarzenegger hailed the PM as the “real deal” on saving the planet — and said he wants a beer with him at this year’s COP26 in Glasgow.

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