FORMER Manchester City footballer Shay Logan called a rival plumber a "c***" in a foul-mouthed row over a boiler, it's alleged.

The 32-year-old defender, who now plays for Aberdeen, is training to be a plumber once his playing days are over.

He is accused of letting rip at 45-year-old handyman Scott Davidson.

After a bitter exchange between the pair — who had previously fallen out — Aberdeen fan Scott tagged the team’s Twitter handle in screenshots of the alleged slurs.

He demanded an apology from the defender, who he said called him “jealous” and a “c**t”.

The defender is facing a club investigation over the foul-mouthed claims.

Scott, of Blackburn, Aberdeenshire, raged: “I was absolutely shocked.

“The club need to get him to say sorry.

"He’s an ambassador for the team and should act like it.”

The defender is a co-founder of the Aberdeen plumbing business Logan Wilson.

On Wednesday, a Facebook account in its name shared a photo of a boiler installation.

Scott separately posted about it but said he didn’t mention defender Logan or his firm.

He claimed he was later hit with WhatsApp messages from the star, including one reading: “I’ve lived a life u can only dream of due to my career. PS ur a C**T.”

Aberdeen FC said on Twitter they would investigate, but refused to comment further.

When contacted over the claims, Logan said: “End it there.”

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