‘Michael Sheen is checking if he has any English ancestors’: England fans rip into Wales after 3-0 victory – and joke the losers can go home and put the bins out

  • England fans were merciless in their ribbing of the Welsh after tonight’s defeat
  • Wales actor Michael Sheen again came in for some special attention from fans
  • He famously delivered an inspiring monologue to the squad before the contest 

England fans wasted no time in taunting their Welsh rivals after knocking them out of the World Cup tonight.

Twitter was flooded with memes from Three Lions supporters ribbing Gareth Bale’s side.

And beloved actor Michael Sheen was singled out for some special attention.

It came after the Good Omens star, 53, delivered a rousing speech to the Welsh team ahead of the Qatar tournament.

One social media joker declared: ‘Michael Sheen is going to have to find a right f****** poem to get them back into this.’ 

An image of Eddie Hearn drinking a beer joked the bottle was filled with Welsh fans’ tears

This online joker suggested the Wales team had been arrested over their World Cup match

Sheen was seen visiting the squad to perform a monologue first made famous on Sky’s A League of Their Own.

Another rather mocking social media user suggested ‘Michael Sheen is checking if he has any English ancestors.’ 

And one jibed: ‘Turns out you actually need a bit of talent to make it out of the group stages, not just a viral clip of Michael Sheen giving a team talk on TV. Who knew?’

There were a great deal social media posts about the victory over Wales in Qatar tonight

Another showed boxing promoter Eddie Hearn drinking a bottle of beer, but with the caption suggesting it was a vessel containing Welsh tears. 

There was a deadly hush in Gareth Bale’s pub in Cardiff city centre as England hero Marcus Rashford knocked in his first goal from a screaming free kick.

Welsh fans were shaking their heads after half time when captain Bale was substituted after an ineffective first half.

Twenty minutes later it was all over and the Welsh fans downed their pints and headed off fearing it could be another 64 years before Wales return to the World Cup.

Lee Cleaver, 50, who runs Bale’s bar Elevens, opposite Cardiff Castle, said:

Michael Sheen delivering his monologue proudly holding up a special Wales football shirt

Welsh fans react at the Swansea Fan Park in Singleton Park, during a screening of the FIFA World Cup Group B match between England and Wales

A Wales fan reacts during the Wales v England Group B World Cup match on November 29, 2022 in London, England

‘I’m totally gutted but it was always going to be difficult.

‘Not only did we have to beat one of the favourites but we had to hope the other two teams in the group drew the match.

‘It wasn’t to be. Gareth will be heartbroken like the rest of us.’

In the end Wales scored just one goal in the tournament – a Bale penalty in the opening match against the USA.

But the toughest pill to swallow was being beaten by old enemy England who, in the end, breezed through to the next round unbeaten.

Ianto James, 27, of Pontypridd, said: ‘I hate losing to England at rugby but this is worse. The first World Cup for 60-odd years and we get kicked out by England.

‘But the boys played their hearts out – apart from Qatar we are the smallest nation by population so we’ve done well.’

Darren Ribbon, 35, a factory worker from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire said: ‘I’m gutted, we all are. It’s the first World Cup I’ve experienced as a Welsh fan and I’ve loved every minute of it.

‘It’s been a great experience and even though we haven’t played well it’s given everyone a lift just to be there.’

The youngest fan in Bales bar, schoolboy Sami Brinkworth, 13, was being treated by his mum Kerry, 44.

Retail supervisor Kerry Brinkworth, of Merthyr Tydfil, said: ‘When you think about how long ago we last qualified, I thought it might be a once in a lifetime experience for my son.

‘But I’m proud of the team, we are a tiny nation. It’s not always about winning, it’s about standing your ground.’

Kerry said she took some consolation from the fact that two-goal England hero Marcus Rashford helped to provide school dinners for her son during lockdown. ‘I’ll forgive him,’ she said.

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