Stranded driver gets out of his car just feet away from busy motorway traffic and starts moving roadworks cones so he can continue REVERSING into a slip road after missing his turning

  • Bronze BMW driver moves cones near junction 10, on M20, near Ashton, Kent,
  • Highway worker Chris Sherwood, 36, described it as ‘worst thing’ in his career
  • The man missed his turning and reversed into oncoming traffic in a live lane 
  • Chris has reported the incident to Kent Police and M20 has had 368 accidents 

A driver got out of his car on a motorway slip road to move traffic cones after he took the wrong turning. 

The bronze BMW driver reversed 54 yards down a slip road near junction 10 on the M20 near Ashton, Kent, and bumped into traffic cones on the side of the motorway.  

The man decided to get out of his car and move the cones to the horror of road workers who shouted at him to stop.

The driver of the bronze BMW is seen getting out of his car on the M20 near Ashton, Kent, where he starts picking up the cones 50 yards from junction 10. After moving the cones out of the path of his car, highway workers shout at him to stay where he is (right) so he can be safely escorted out

He appeared to be oblivious to the vehicles, including HGVs, which passed just feet away at 50mph. 

The man stopped in the live lane, put his hazards on and reversed back into oncoming traffic until he reached the coned off section.

The horrifying footage was filmed by highway worker Chris Sherwood, 36, who said it was the worst thing he had witnessed in his career.  

He wrote on social media: ‘M20 junction 10. Just watched this muppet miss the junction and tried reversing back down the live lane almost causing a multi-car pile up.’ 

He then returns to the side of his car and a worker can be heard screaming at him: ‘You’re going to get yourself killed. Stay there.

‘We will get someone to get you out. Wait there a minute.’

However, the man is unable to hear them, due to the traffic volume and points to his ear then the traffic.

He gets out of the car and moves the cones after missing his turning, despite the next junction being a mile down the road. He picks up the cones (right) next to the live motorway lane and appears unfazed by the traffic

The man is said to have driven away despite highway workers telling him to wait so he could be safely escorted out. 

Chris said: ‘I’ve been working on the M20 and M23 a lot over the last year and never seen anything this stupid before especially in a live lane on a motorway.

‘I have no idea why, probably laziness, as the next junction is only a mile down the road.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing along with the other workers we were shocked, some of the other chaps who I was working with had to wave traffic out the way to try to prevent a collision.’    

Chris added that as soon as they turned their backs to the driver he drove off.

Phil Langdon commented on Chris’s post: ‘A bloody danger and could easily cause a massive accident with deaths. 

Cheryl Perrin said: ‘He should be prosecuted for causing danger to other road users.’

Chris has reported the incident to Kent Police and they have been contacted for comment. 

It was reported in February that the county of Kent has had a total of 368 accidents with the M20 in Kent being the most common location with a total of 32 accidents.

The Department for Transport figures revealed that in 2017 there were 312 accidents were due to lighting conditions described as ‘Darkness – no lighting.’

In July, Highways England celebrated one million hours working on the M20 without any injuries or accidents to workers.   

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