MURDER cops quizzed a builder over bones at a tip — only to find out they were a doctor’s training skeleton.

Paul Suttie, 36, was clearing a surgery being turned into flats and unknowingly took a jawbone, teeth and leg bone in a bin bag.

Recycling centre staff spotted them and called police amid fears they were the remains of a murder victim.

Dad-of-three Paul was hauled in and a fingertip search carried out. Paul, of Regal Construction, said: “There had been loads of boxes and bags to take away so we just put them in the van and didn’t bother looking inside.

“I was driving a second load to the dump when I got a call to come to the station. It was quite intimidating. All sorts was going through my mind.

“They sat me down in a room and two officers said they’d found human remains in my last tip. I told them about the surgery and they said ‘Oh that might explain the bones’.”

The Sun told yesterday how cops cordoned off the Greenwich Recycling Centre in South East London.

Scotland Yard said: “Officers contacted the surgery’s former doctor. He confirmed the bones had been used in his medical training in India, and he’d brought them to the UK in the 1960s.”

Dump owners Veolia said: “The team acted swiftly and correctly in alerting emergency services.”

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