A mother has warned parents their kids could be in grave danger after a popular toy scorched her tot's seat.

Elise Howle, 28, returned from the Co-Op with her 11-month-old daughter Evie to discover her car filled with smoke.

She frantically searched the motor before discovering the car seat her child had been sitting in minutes earlier was smouldering and seared with burn holes.

Elise said: "If that had happened when we were stuck in traffic, or even minutes before Evie would have been burned.

"It doesn't bear thinking about."

The mum – who had parked her car in the baking sun – realised the burns had been caused by an £8.99 baby mirror.

The mirror fits on to a headrest, allowing parents to see their rear-facing child while on the move.


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But instead of acting as a useful parenting device, the mirror did the opposite and focused scorching rays into the seat fabric.

The mum said the horror incident left husband Callum feeling sick with nerves as to what could have happened if Evie was in the seat.

Elise, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., is now pleading with parents to remove the popular mirror during the scorching weather.

She posted pictures of the damaged seat to social media, writing: “We’ve just nipped to the Co-op and when I went to put her [Evie] back in the car I could smell smoke – her car seat was smoking!!

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“The mirror was reflecting the sun on to the seat and managed to set it alight in the 3 minutes I was in the Co-op. Luckily Evie wasn’t in there.

“PLEASE be careful if you have a mirror in this heat and take it off.”

Over 41,000 people have since shared Elise's warning post.

The burns sparked dozens of parents to flood the comment section expressing concern.

One poster said: "Oh god, something loads of people use as well, including me!"

Another added: "So glad you are all ok, taking mine off now."

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