COVID vaccine passports have launched today in England after the NHS app was upgraded.

A new 'domestic' feature has been added to the software – while users are told they may need to show the pass "at places that have chosen to use the service".

But some users say they've not yet been able to click through to the new addition – suggesting it's not currently in use for all.

Before today, users could use the app to show proof of their vaccination status for foreign travel.

It could also be used for Government-backed Covid trials at major events, including getting into Wembley for Euro 2020.

In addition, businesses can use it to make sure workers have been double-jabbed.

It comes as:

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Netflix, Google and Facebook will roll out a policy requiring all staff to be vaccinated once workplaces are fully reopened.

As of September, providing proof of vaccination will be mandatory for revellers heading to club nights, as well as for some big public events.

It's also been suggested – although not confirmed – that students may need two jabs before returning to lectures.

Officials are stepping up pleas for younger people to get the vaccine, with Michael Gove labelling those who choose not to as "selfish".

However, as of today, two-thirds of 18 to 24-year-olds in England have come forward to get their first dose, while nine in 10 of over 40s and almost half of those in their 30s are now fully vaccinated.

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid told the Standard: “As we cautiously reopen society, vaccines will allow you to get back to the things you love and have missed during the pandemic – going on holiday without the need to self-isolate on your return, or going to venues like nightclubs to spend time with friends the way you used to.”

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the Government would announce in the coming weeks which venues would require vaccine passports to gain entry.

Ministers have previously denied vaccine passports would be introduced for domestic use. Now, however, Mr Raab says students will be told in advance if they need jabs to return to uni in person.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The only steps that we will take in this regard are ones that will maximise the freedom that the vast majority of the country are hankering and want to enjoy.”


Brits heading to Greece, Italy and France this summer have been told they'll need to show proof of vaccination before they can go to bars and other tourist attractions.

Meanwhile, the UK's 'pingdemic' crisis has deepened – with more than 600,000 alerts to the NHS app across England and Wales in just a single week.

Despite that, it's suggested the UK is now close to full freedom again after a scientist claimed the pandemic is "pretty much over" here.

Dr David Matthews, a virologist and expert in coronaviruses from the University of Bristol, told the Telegraph: “In terms of herd immunity – by which we mean the virus has managed to reach everybody and therefore most people will have a level of immune memory – I suspect we’re very close to it.

“Assuming nothing truly spectacularly leftfield happens, then this pandemic is pretty much over for the UK.

"I suspect we will not see a major surge this winter, or any serious levels of fatalities. 

“The more we close the gap on the last 10 per cent who haven’t had the vaccine, the better we will be. Everyone will eventually meet the virus and it is far better to do so vaccinated.”

The Sun has contacted the Department of Health for comment.

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