CORNWALL has been besieged by rude tourists on staycations reducing staff to tears and refusing to follow social distancing rules.

One stressed-out holiday park worker decided to write a letter to the visitors, describing how "defeated" she felt after a shift.

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Beth Richards, from Truro, Cornwall, told how she was left in tears in the staff room after speaking with "nasty" guests.

She decided to speak out after pals working in shops, restaurants and other holiday parks also faced abuse.

Beth wrote: "Yes, you are correct, without you and your custom I may very well be out of a job right now BUT you must remember that without us you would be without a holiday, it's a two way street."

The unhappy worker added tourists keep telling her they have travelled to Cornwall "because we are immune to it [coronaviurs]".

She wrote: "I am not the creator of the rules so please don't belittle me and call me stupid, idiotic or a b****h just because you have to book a slot for the swimming pool or need to wear a mask for a mere five minutes in the shop.

"You wouldn't like it if I responded to you in the same way.

Her post has been shared almost 1,000 times with many people congratulating her for speaking out.

One woman said "I have recently returned from a week in Cornwall and I have nothing but praise for the locals for observing and enforcing the rules for social distancing as we did.

"The same cannot be said however for the incredibly inconsiderate idiots who have inflicted themselves on the lovely Cornish people."


Beth said "We had to close the pool yesterday for a safety reason and people were saying we'd ruined their holiday, taken their fun away from them and weren't making enough effort."

Earlier this month locals slammed visitors for turning their beaches into "Benidorm on steroids," leaving residents too scared to leave their homes.

Street marshals have been patrolling hotspots in Cornwall after "stampedes" of visitors were seen not social distancing, despite warning signs being put in place. 

When lockdown travel restrictions were eased in July, a sign was hung on a bridge across the A30, one of the main tourist roads into Cornwall, saying "turn round and f**k off".

Many residents voiced their concerns on social media, saying it is too soon to lift the ban on holidaymakers and second home owners.

But Malcolm Bell, chief executive of Visit Cornwall, pleaded with holidaymakers to keep coming, saying the sign was "unforgivable and offensive".

He said outsiders are welcome and the region, which relies heavily on tourism, desperately needs their money.

He warned that entire communities will crumble without the money that outsiders spend in shops, pubs and attractions.

"We are battling to save thousands of jobs.

"Let's welcome our customers, who will share their money to keep Cornish people in jobs.

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