All In With Chris Hayes spent the first 15 minutes of Tuesday’s show condemning the celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in the 2020 fatal shooting of two protesters and the injuring of another in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Since his acquittal, he has met with former president Donald Trump and experienced a meteoric rise in popularity among conservative pundits.

Over the weekend, Rittenhouse was the featured guest at a Turning Point USA event in Phoenix, Arizona. He received a standing ovation from the crown in attendance when he walked on stage.

Kyle Rittenhouse takes the stage at Amfest in Phoenix

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) December 20, 2021

“Kyle Rittenhouse, I mean he is known for one thing,” Hayes said. “They are literally celebrating killing people…I have to say, watching that tape of him walking out and the big cheering is one of the most ominous, despicable developments in our politics in recent memory, which is really saying something because, boy, we have been full of them.”

While Hayes called out the right wing as a whole, he had some particularly harsh words for Tucker Carlson who has exalted Rittenhouse as an American hero. Carlson also dedicated a full hour of his top-rated cable show to an interview with Rittenhouse, as well as a separate documentary about his trial on Fox Nation.

“To put the politics aside again, this is a sick, sick spectacle,” Hayes said. “I mean watching Tucker Carlson…like quiver and squeal in delight, you know, you are a grown ass man. Like, grow up. Grow up. You are a man and you're groveling at the foot of this kid because of the people he killed?”

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