Thousands of Cambridge University students join in ‘Caesarian Sunday’ booze up by downing wine, climbing lampposts and playing games – but one is led away on a stretcher

  • Traditional wrestling bout has been banned but students use occasion to drink
  • Revellers took part in wheelbarrow races, while others took part in a slip’n’slide

Thousands of Cambridge University students made the most of the bank holiday weekend yesterday as they enjoyed ‘Caesarian Sunday’ fancy-dress drink-up on the college green.

The annual summer party is a tradition originating from more than 80 years ago when the Caesareans – the Jesus College drinking society – made the short walk to the greens to wrestle the Girton ‘Green Monsters’ in what became an annual fight.

The wrestling bout has since been banned but students have instead turned it into a drinking event – playing games with drinking funnels and climbing lampposts.

Around 4000 revellers took part in the day which included wheelbarrow races, a slip’n’slide and even dangerously waterboarding each other with red wine. 

One girl collapsed and was attended by medics, who stretchered her away and took her to hospital by ambulance as her friend watched on in tears.

A student launches himself down a slip’n’slide on Jesus Green in Cambridge

Cambridge University students taking part in a wheelbarrow race while enjoying the Caesarian Sunday party 

Students pictured posing with a police officer on Jesus Green, Cambridge

One student stole the show when they climbed a lamppost on Jesus Green

There is always one who takes it too far… Paramedics are pictured wheeling a student off the green on a stretcher 

Another student looked embarrassed and held his hands up after he was caught peeing in the river in front of a female police officer.

Many dressed in costumes, including Baywatch lifeguard outfits, while others wore blazers and ties and by the end of the afternoon some of the students could barely stand. 

Police were drafted in to control the event and patrolled the park throughout the afternoon, with one joining in a group photo with the students. 

Over the years professors at Jesus College have tried to persuade them to hold their traditional bash on its grounds, away from the public eye. But their attempts have failed because the undergraduates said they did not want to drink under supervision.

Caesarian Sunday is seen as the birth of the drinking parties for the summer term, which ends with the notorious after-exams party, Suicide Sunday, in June. 

A student dressed as a lifeguard is pictured flashing her bottles of wine

Students head to toe in fancy dress posed for a picture during the bank holiday celebration 

Around 4000 undergraduates celebrated the start of the summer term by spending the afternoon drinking

A student chugs beer from a drinking funnel as his friends look on in admiration 

One reveller is pictured being wheeled in a trolley by his mates on the green

As part of the annual celebrations, the students took part in alcohol-induced wheelbarrow races 

Two pals dressed in a mix of sports clothing and formal attire pose for a picture together 

A student scales a lamppost during the afternoon’s big celebration

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