A SURFING rat was spotted riding a wave to freedom after Typhoon Vamco flooded streets in the Philippines.

The drenched rodent was caught up in the deluge after the deadly storm swamped streets in Marikina City in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines today.

However, the smart creature mounted a piece of floating wood and surfed to safety along the 6ft-deep muddy water.

Onlookers watched in astonishment as the creature rode the torrent along the street, where it is believed to have eventually clambered onto a rooftop.

''He's a survivor,'' said Yamzon Santos, a resident stranded in the floods.

''He looks so cold and he's shivering but he's very smart.'

Speaking after, Yamzon added: ''When we saw the floating rat, we were amazed at its survival instincts.


"Rats can cause diseases such as leptospirosis but we didn't hurt it because we thought it was especially gifted. Who am I to do something bad to the rat?

"That poor little creature only wanted to survive. It made me realised that every living creature wants to be saved in a natural calamity.''

The floodwater has subsided in Manila but rescue teams are still battling to reach stranded residents further north in Cagayan province, which suffered severe floods.

As of Monday, Typhoon Vamco – or Ulysses as it is known locally – had killed at least 63 people in the Philippines with dozens more missing.

The storm has now moved eastwards and hit central Vietnam, where it made landfall on Sunday.


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