So how’s the hangover? Boozy bank holiday revellers make the most of the three day Coronation weekend as they pack out bars and clubs to celebrate Charles’ big day

  • Royal fans were seen dressed in Unions Flags and themed costumes last night 
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Boozy royal fans packed out bars and clubs last night as they celebrated King Charles’s big day. 

An army of revellers swathed in Union Flags and themed costumes were seen out and about across the country as they make the most of the three day Coronation weekend. 

Thousands braved heavy rain during the procession yesterday afternoon before taking to the streets to fill up bars and drinking venues. 

One woman in Birmingham city centre posed for a photo while dressed head to toe in a Union Jack costume, featuring a bright corset, blue wig and top hat. 

Drunk friends were pictured celebrating and waving flags while others covered their heads with plastic bags to shelter from the drizzle. 

A woman dressed in a Union Jack costume enjoyed the Coronation weekend in Birmingham city centre last night 

Royal fans in the city of Leeds dressed up and celebrated King Charles’s big day 

Thousands braved heavy rain to take to the streets and fill up bars, pubs and clubs 

People dressed up in royal-themed costumes, such as masks of the new king’s face  

All week the road leading to Buckingham Palace was cleared as royal fans celebrated the historic event 

Revellers wore masks of King Charles III as they enjoy the Coronation bank holiday weekend 

Friends in Birmingham went out to celebrate the big day last night 

Men were seen drinking in a busy club while covering their faces with masks of the newly crowned king. 

One man dressed in a cheerleader costume was pictured after falling over onto the pavement as his friends tried to pull him back up. 

All week the road leading to Buckingham Palace was cleared as royal fans lined the route with tents and camping chairs to catch a glimpse of their new king. 

People camping along The Mall could be heard shouting ‘God Save the King’ as senior figures of the monarchy – Charles, William and Kate – arrived to shake hands with well-wishers. 

Fans who had been sleeping on the pavement were left blown away by the royal event, despite being showered by heavy downpours throughout the week. 

Huge crowds in London could be seen drinking and gathering in the rain to cheer on the arrival of Charles and Camilla. 

Boozy revellers took to the streets to celebrate, with one man falling over on the pavement 

Big groups in costumes were pictured on the streets laughing and having fun 

Crowds could be seen gathering in the rain to cheer on Charles and Camilla

A woman posed with Union Flags and a cowboy hat to celebrate Charles’s big day 

THE bank holiday revellers celebrated the King’s Coronation with booze 

Friends in the street were seen celebrating with a colourful vape surrounded by pubs 

People dressed in crowns and other themed costumes to celebrate the historic event

People danced and cheered in the street with friends as they make most of the three day weekend 

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