Bernie Madoff’s prison medical records reveal he had his toes amputated before he died and was so sick with renal failure that he was hallucinating and screamed at doctors ‘Help! I hate this f****** place!’

  • Madoff died in April aged 82 at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, NC 
  • He’d been in prison since 2009, when he was caught operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history 
  • His health deteriorated significantly in prison and by the end, he was ‘confused’ 
  • He had two of his toes amputated in March because they were infected with gangrene, a common side effect of renal failure
  • Madoff underwent surgery on his prostate in 2014 and had an angioplasty the previous year
  • He once ‘fell’ on a water fountain in 2009 and broke his nose and one of his ribs
  • The disgraced financier fell out of bed in the days before his death in April
  • He is survived by his wife Ruth; his two sons Mark and Andrew died before him 

Madoff, 82, died in April at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina.

Bernie Madoff had to have his toes amputated shortly before he died in prison and had become so ill with renal failure that he was hallucinating, his prison medical records have revealed. 

Madoff, 82, died in April at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina. The disgraced financier had been battling renal failure and had become so sick that he was detached from reality. 

He was imprisoned in July 2009 for defrauding thousands of victims out of $65billion in the largest Ponzi scheme in history.  

On April 6, eight days before he died, a nurse found him in his cell, staring at his left foot and trying to wriggle it. 

He’d screamed: ‘Help! I hate this f*****g place!’ according to newly released medical records obtained by Market Watch this week. 

The nurse told him to be quiet because he was disturbing other inmates and he responded saying: ‘F**k them!’  

The nurse noted that he was confused and didn’t seem to know who he was talking about. 

He next told her: ‘I gave them a pass and no one is respecting me or doing anything! I can’t believe they are doing this to me!’ 

He also had such bad coronary artery disease that he was left gasping for air when he walked across a room, and had dialysis three times a week but sometimes cut it short because he found it so debilitating.

Madoff was in so much pain that he was put on methadone, according to the records. 

The drug is what is used to wean heroin addicts.

He’d lost eight teeth and in March, had to have two toes removed because they had become so infected with gangrene. 

Madoff was being kept at the medical wing of the Butner Federal Correctional Complex on November 20, 2015 in Butner, North Carolina 

Madoff is pictured in 2009, the year he was convicted of multiple counts of fraud after running the largest Ponzi scheme in history 

The records also reveal that he got his Pfizer COVID-vaccine in December last year, just a few weeks after it was approved by the FDA.  

The records reveal a long list of ailments.

In 2009, he fell and hit his head on a water fountain and was found in the prison in a pool of blood on the ground.

He was so severely injured that staff at first thought he had been attacked.  

In 2013, he had an angioplasty after having a heart attack. 

Madoff is survived by his wife Ruth 

In 2014, he had surgery on his prostate after having trouble urinating.

His condition became progressively worse. In the years before his death, he unsuccessfully applied for compassionate release and in one request, said that he’d be able to pay for his care on the outside because people were ‘indebted’ to him. 

The judge turned him down.

Prison staff found him on the floor of his hospital cell in the days before he died, after he’d fallen out of bed. 

Madoff was survived by his wife, Ruth, who has never divorced him. She has been living quietly in Connecticut since he was jailed.  

The couple’s two sons, Andrew and Mark, both died after he was arrested. Andrew died from cancer in 2014 and Mark killed himself in 2010 because he’d become so overcome with guilt about what his father did. 

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