A BEER lover has created an "alternative pub passport" to help save local boozers this Bank Holiday weekend.

Ben Mottershead teamed up with his mate Alex Malaki to produce the "worksheet for drunk adults" to encourage people to "get in the spirit after lockdown".

The pair, who co-run design agency Studio BND, describe their creation as "a sarcastic celebration" of British pub culture.

The mini 'ID' looks just like the real thing – but instead of your age and birth location it contains an array of silly activities.

This includes "conversation starters for the chronically isolated" and a pub quiz "for those looking to exercise their lockdown skills".

Ben and Alex, who have only been able to go to the pub once together since the pandemic began, hope their project will help Brits reach the 124 pints they need to drink to help struggling pubs get back on their feet, according to Company Debt.

Ben, 28, from south London, said: "It's been a difficult old year for pubs and the staff and like so many others we're ecstatic to be back down the local.

"Local pubs and venues are the life blood to communities. They're where many of us make friends, meet our partners and form lasting memories.

"So, we wanted to create something that shows some appreciation for our favourite places, while getting people excited about this next step towards normality.

"Essentially the Pub Passport is a double sided, not-for-profit print celebrating the best of British pub culture and encouraging people to get out and make a dent in the 124 pints recommended by ‘finance experts’."

Alex, 25, also from south London, said: "The pub is a beautiful thing and much more than just the drinks! It’s about people and the community it brings together.

"It's been a tough year for the pubs and the staff. We wanted to do something that shows some appreciation.

"Also, people have had to be pretty serious this last year, but now there's some hope in sight, we want to help reinject some fun and humour into the world."

Ben and Alex can't wait to hit their local boozers over the weekend, as temperatures soar to highs of 26C.

Britain is set to be hotter than Ibiza over the Bank Holiday – perfect for sipping a pint in a beer garden.

Ben said: "We can't wait to get down to locals this weekend for a few pints in the sun (touch wood) and we hope to see everyone else down there as well.

"If we've learnt anything from the last year it's that what we have on our doorstep shouldn't be taken for granted."

And Alex added: "Get stuck in, you deserve it. But remember your tolerances are probably down, so drink responsibly! Don’t be that person.

"Cheers to that! Also, get vaccinated."

The pub passports are available to download for free or can be purchased online and delivered to your door.

The hospitality industry needs a £25.66billion boost to return to pre-pandemic levels, research shows.

Company Debt claims drastic drinking is likely the best way to save struggling businesses and to protect pubs from closing for good.

Its website states: "We came up with a figure of 124 per pints per adult, based on a figure of 52million adults in the UK."

Campaigners started the 'Your Local Pub Needs You' initiative which asks punters to support 40,000 pubs and bars that are fighting to stay afloat.

"The average pub will need each customer to spend an additional £382 this year to combat the impact that Covid has had on the sector. Thank you for doing your bit," the poster states.

If beer is not your thing, 124 pints works out to be the equivalent of 122 glasses of wine.

And if you don't drink alcohol, experts suggest Brits scoff 976 packets of crisps or 40 roast dinners instead.

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