Thousands of anti-vaxxers complain of ‘deadly clot shots’ and ‘Doctor Evil and his needle’ as they bring the streets of Newcastle to a standstill

  • Several thousand people attended an anti-vaccine protest in Newcastle today
  • Protesters carried banners criticising proposed possible vaccine passports 
  • They also decried the roll out of vaccines for school children across the UK 

There were scenes in Newcastle city centre today as thousands of anti-vaxxers gathered for a demonstration.

Protestors carried placards declaring ‘mothers against vaccines’ as crowds crammed onto Northumberland Street in massive numbers.

The anti-vaxxers banged drums, played trumpets and blew whistles as they marched through the city.

Anti-vaxxers took to the streets of Newcastle today to protest over measures to help prevent the further spread of Covid-19

The maskless protesters marched through the centre of Newcastle with banners bearing slogans carrying anti-vaccine messages 

The protesters have been promoting messages which are not supported by the medical evidence 

The demonstration, which involved several thousand people, disrupted shoppers and people in the city centre for a number of hours

Riot police were on the scene making sure those on the procession kept to a pre-agreed route.

Banners carried by the protestors read ‘doctor evil and his needle are coming for your kids’, ‘stop the deadly clot shots’ and ‘mass compliance is the only way to end this nightmare’.

Northumberland Street is usually packed with shoppers on a Saturday afternoon but today the anti-vaxxers had taken their place.

One flustered girl clutching a balloon was pictured struggling to make it to the other side of the crowded thoroughfare.

Several young women were carrying home made banners carrying anti-vaccine messages

A large police presence escorted the marchers through Newcastle City Centre

The anti-vaxxer crowd were also objected to any proposed future vaccine passports 

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said this morning: ‘There is a planned procession expected to start around 1pm from Leazes Park to the Baltic via Claremont Road, Northumberland Street, Dean Street and crossing the Millennium Bridge.

‘The procession will return to Leazes Park following the same route back. We ask those who are taking part in the procession to follow the planned route to ensure the safety of themselves and others.’

Anti-vaxxers involved in today’s demonstration claimed they were in favour of ‘freedom’

Police asked organisers and those participating in the demonstration to stick to the approved route

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