Angry koala storms into a service station and attacks worker: ‘I don’t know how to get him off!’

  • A koala has walked into a petrol station in South Australia
  • It wanders around inside before climbing on a attendant 

An angry koala has stormed into a petrol station and attacked a worker behind the counter.

The 5.7kg female koala walked through the front doors of the Ampol service station in the Adelaide Hills over the weekend.

CCTV footage shows the marsupial wandering past shelves filled with soft drinks and lollies, before making her way behind the counter.

The koala stunned the service station attendant as she clawed her way onto his leg.

‘I don’t know how to get him off,’ the worker screams.

The koala decided to jump back off the worker’s leg and then spent almost 40 minutes browsing the shelves until Koala Rescue Inc arrived and released her at a forest about 500 metres away.

Volunteer wildlife rescuer Jemma Manfre said after being released, the koala sprinted up a tree and didn’t look back until she was up the top.

A koala has been caught on CCTV entering a Ampol petrol station in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia over the weekend

The nosy marsupial is spotted on camera wandering past the different aisles at the service station

The Koala was eventually taken away by a koala rescue group

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