ANDREA Leadsom has dramatically resigned from Theresa May's cabinet this evening after she refused to accept the Prime Minister's new Brexit plan.

The Commons leader said she could no longer support the government's approach after May's latest gambit to pass her withdrawal agreement deal backfired.

In her resignation letter, the staunch Brexiteer wrote: “I no longer believe that our approach will deliver on the referendum result.

"It is therefore with great regret and with a heavy heart that I resign from the government."

Mrs Leadsom, a former Tory leadership candidate in 2016, outlined four reasons for her decision in her letter.

She said: "1. I do not believe that we will be a truly sovereign United Kingdom through the deal that is now proposed.

"2. I have always maintained that a second referendum would be dangerously divisive, and I do not support the Government willingly facilitating such a concession.

“It would also risk undermining our Union which is something I passionately want to see strengthened.

"3. There has been such a breakdown of government processes that recent Brexit-related legislative proposals have not been properly scrutinised or approved by Cabinet members.

"4. The tolerance to those in Cabinet who have advocated policies contrary to the Government's position has led to a complete breakdown of collective responsibility."

Commons boss Leadsom has been uncomfortable about the idea of staying tied to the EU with a customs union.

The Brexiteer said just yesterday she would only support the PMs deal if it delivers a proper Brexit and leaves the customs union and single market.

But Mrs May's new deal, as outlined yesterday, would give the option of a vote on staying in a customs union.

Labour want to do this and stay close to the bloc even when we leave.

But it would mean being unable to strike free trade deals around the world.

Ms Leadsom has been Commons leader for two years – she was brought into the cabinet by Mrs May when she came into No10.

She went up against Mrs May in the Tory leadership race in 2016 after David Cameron quit following the Brexit vote.

But Ms Leadsom stepped down after an interview where she suggested that she would make a better prime minister as she was a mother.

The resignation will be a bitter blow to the PM who is clinging on in Downing Street tonight as Tory MPs demand she quits.

Tonight, Brexiteers hailed Mrs Leadsom for taking a stand over the PM's fudged Brexit plan.

Andrew Bridgen told TalkRADIO: "As far as I’m concerned the Conservative Party is bleeding out. I’m glad Andrea Leadsom has resigned. I hope Liam Fox resigns."

Backbencher Steve Double added: "Thank you @andrealeadsom for taking a lead.

"I know this would have been a really tough decision but now is the time for courageous people to stand up and be counted. We cannot go on like this."

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