Yumi’s Cells Season 2 K-drama is scheduled to premiere in early June. With her rule-defying K-drama breakup in the first season, Yu-mi (Kim Go-eun) continues her journey to find love. This time, it is with Yoo Babi (JinYoung), her co-worker, who also had a break-up in the season. Fans are anxious to know if Babi is “the one,” as the Yumi’s Cells hinted at her future marriage, but do not reveal who.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Yumi’s Cells webtoon.]

The eighth episode of ‘Yumi’s Cells’ reveals the female leads marriage to someone

Since the K-drama’s inception, the creators of Yumi’s Cells knew they wanted to develop more than one season with a Sex and the City concept. This hinted at the K-drama’s finale, where Woong breaks up with Yu-mi. Yumi’s Cells Season 2 will continue Yu-mi’s dating journey with Babi. In the first season, Babi and Yu-mi strike an interesting camaraderie with fans knowing Babi had developed feelings for her.

But with Yu-mi being in a relationship, he never overstepped his boundaries. While fans hope for a happy ending, one cannot be sure as the K-drama is based on the original webtoon of the same name. But fans know Yu-mi gets married at some point, thanks to the hint in Yumi’s Cells.

At the beginning of Yumi’s Cells Episode 8, fans see her cells in the distant future. An older cell librarian guides new baby cells through to Yu-mi’s library, which has documented her entire life. In the grand library are portraits documenting Yu-mi’s biggest moments, like her ex, her and Woong’s first kiss, and more.

One baby cell gets excited when he sees Yu-mi’s wedding portrait on the day she got married. Fans only see a small teaser of the photo and have no idea who Yu-mi’s husband is. The portrait shows Yu-mi in a form-fitting mermaid dress, holding a bouquet and locking arms with her husband. Fans are unsure if the groom is Babi, but the webtoon reveals the answer.

The webtoon reveals who Yu-mi will get married to in ‘Yumi’s Cell’

Sometimes, a K-drama based on a webtoon is a blessing and a curse. Fans of the webtoon know very well what will happen in Yumi’s Cells Season 2 and who it is that Yu-mi gets married to at the end of it all. For fans who were rooting for Babi, it is sad to say that he does not make the cut.

According to the K-drama’s official fandom Wiki page, Yu-mi gets married to a character not yet introduced. The character is Soonrok Shin. In the webtoon, Yu-mi is the one to break up with Babi at the end of their story after having put him on a perfect pedestal. She realizes she idolized him too much.

She continues her journey of becoming a writer like in the K-drama. Yu-mi enters a novel contest in the webtoon and captures an editor named Daeyoung Ah. Showing interest in her book, Yu-mi appoints Soonrik Shin as her final editor. Along the way, they form a bond and relationship that leads to their future marriage.

Yumi’s Cells is making a point of introducing future love interests for the female lead in every season. The first season has Babi while she is dating Woong. It could well be Yumi’s Cells Season will introduce Soonrok Shin to set up for a third season.

Fans have ideas of who could play Soonrik Shin

With fans knowing Yumi’s Cells will one day have a marriage, they already have their ideas of who can play the role of Soonrik Shin. According to Koreaboo, fans put in their bets for actors like Ahn Hyo-seob. He recently starred as the rich CEO in Netflix’s Business Proposal. Some fans are also interested in actors like Chae Jong-hyub, Sweet Home’s Lee Do-hyun, Seo Kang-joon, and Twenty-Five Twenty-One star Nam Joo-hyuk.

With Yumi’s Cells Season 2 ready to premiere on June 10, fans will have to watch and see how the K-drama sticks to the webtoon. A fan on Twitter noticed a scene change in the trailer. The scene has Yu-mi taking part in the famous K-drama trope of tripping down the stairs. It just so happens that Babi is there to save her majestically.

The fan explains, “The stairs scene….It supposed it was with Soonrok, wasn’t it!?” Not all K-drama adaptations of webtoons are 100% accurate, but fans hope it will find a way to introduce Yu-mi’s future husband.

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