NOTHING gets past eagle-eyed soap fans who are quick to spot when their favourite TV shows encounter a blunder.

This week Coronation Street viewers were enthralled as Lydia pushed Adam Barlow over shopping centre railings in a terrifying death plunge plot – but were baffled by the absence of customers, staff or CCTV.

It's not the only embarrassing soap blunder, with some causing more of a stir than others.

Here's a few of the most cringe-worthy gaffes from over the years that really got viewers talking…

Kev forgets his dead baby

In a now-legendary error, Coronation Street bosses actually had to apologise after mechanic Kevin Webster – played by Michael Le Vell – forgot his own baby had died.


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He told daughter Sophie it “must be hard burying one of your kids” while helping her organise her girlfriend Maddie Heath’s funeral.

However, Kevin had, in fact, buried one of his kids 15 years previously in 2000, after he and wife Alison lost their son Jake just days after he was born.

Tragically, Alison later took her own life, throwing herself under a lorry after kidnapping baby Bethany Platt.

Producer Stuart Blackburn told The Sun: "Our episodes go through many drafts and are scrutinised by many people, but on this occasion we did make a mistake."

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Ben forgets he's deaf

Ben Mitchell appeared to forget he was partially deafCredit: BBC

When kidnapped Ben Mitchell – played at the time by Harry Reid – was dramatically kidnapped and came up against his captors in a nail-biting episode of EastEnders in 2016, fans were quick to spot a script mistake.

The gang ringleader told a bloodied and bruised Ben: "You and your mate could just walk away," to which Ben replied: "So long as I suddenly go deaf, blind and stupid so far as you lot are concerned?"

Viewers soon took to social media to point out that Ben is already partially deaf, after contracting meningitis as a baby.

Rain on a blue sky day

Emmerdale fans were left in feeling decidedly 'under the weather' when they noticed a glaring error during James Barton's funeral.

The mourning characters, including killer Emma Barton, huddled under umbrellas in the churchyard during a torrential rain storm.

However, fans soon realised the downpour was only taking place over the characters' heads – as another shot showed the rest of the sky was blue and clear.

Gail's towel gaffe

Coronation Street fans were delighted last year with the return of Gail Rodwell, played by Helen Worth.

The soap legend had left the cobbles after suffering a minor heart attack, and in one scene came downstairs wearing a purple towel on her head, after apparently washing her hair.

However fans soon spotted her hair was actually bone dry, causing them to question the need for the towel.

It's not the only time a character's hair has caused continuity issues.

In Emmerdale, Nicola King's hair managed to go from wet and windswept to perfectly dry within a matter of seconds in 2017.

Sharon's horror hygiene

EastEnders' Sharon Mitchell came under fire when fans were horrified to discover she had cleaned the loo wearing rubber gloves – then tucked into breakfast still wearing them.

Clutching a bottle of bleach, Sharon announced: "Right that's the toilets bleached – I don't want no one using it until your dad gets home," before proceeding to open a box of cereal.

Needless to say her lack of hygiene didn't go unnoticed.

Age-old mistake

Emmerdale fans were up in arms after the show appeared to get Jamie Tate's age wrong.

Fans were left confused when it was revealed Kim Tate's son, played by Alexander Lincoln, received a pony from his dad Frank when he was two years old.

However, Jamie – born on September 24, 1996 – only knew his father for a few months before the character was killed off, on May 27th 1997.

One Emmerdale fan pointed out: "Tonight it said James was given a pony by Frank when he was two. Mistake. James was born in June 1996. Frank died a year later in May 1997. Less than a year." Oops.

Phoney problem

Even soap characters can have issues with technology – and having a phone as a prop can cause problems.

Fans were baffled when Corrie's Liz McDonald answered a ringing mobile phone – that was actually switched off.

And recently, when EastEnders' Chelsea Fox rang for an ambulance for injured husband Gray Atkins, she rang for an ambulance – but was holding her phone upside down.

Time difference dilemma

Earlier this month, Corrie fans spied an error when Chesney Brown said goodbye to his son Joseph as he left for a new life in Portugal with his gran.

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While the family was making plans to stay in contact, Bernie told Joseph his uncle Paul would contact him at "7pm your time".

However, Portugal shares the same time zone as the UK, so there is no time difference. Doh.

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