EMMERDALE fans were shocked when Sarah Sugden planted drugs on the new vicar Charles’ son Ethan last night (7 January). 

The schoolgirl – who is played by Katie Hill in the ITV soap – agreed to hide drugs for Danny in the Woolpack and slipped them into Ethan’s pocket. But will she come clean to the police about her crime? Here’s the lowdown…

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Why did Sarah plant drugs on Ethan in Emmerdale?

Sarah planted drugs on Ethan after reuniting with drug dealer Danny, who returned to Emmerdale village this week after getting out of prison.

But Danny soon got up to his old tricks and started selling pills to a rowdy stag do in the Woolpack with his friend Mason. 

When Chas found a bag of pills and rang the police, Sarah slipped the drugs into Ethan’s pocket to protect Danny.

The officer then singled out Ethan to be searched and arrested him after finding drugs in his coat.

Will Sarah confess to framing Ethan in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Sarah will tell Debbie Dingle that she planted the drugs on Ethan next week. 

Sarah’s confession comes after Debbie and Charity find Sarah on drugs and undressing with Danny in a barn. 

Sarah admits that she’s been feeling lonely recently – and that she framed Ethan for dealing. 

Will Debbie encourage Sarah to come clean to the police – or keep quiet and save her own skin?

Viewers are desperate for Sarah to put things right and get Ethan of the hook. 

One fan tweeted: "Yes I think Sarah should come clean to the police about Danny."

Another added: "That lawyer has noticed Sarah & her dodgy mates looking suspicious. Let’s hope police get them scumbags."

But with Emmerdale keeping exact details shtum, viewers will have to tune in to find out what Sarah and Debbie decide to do.

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