Lego Masters

Nine, 7pm

Hamish Blake is the ideal host for this good-natured competition that makes the enthusiasm for those little coloured plastic bricks palpable and infectious. It features an assortment of likeable contestants and a Brick Room that's as enticing to them as the MasterChef pantry is to that show's competitors. In the final episode before they head into the elimination rounds, they have eight hours to build a DeLorean car. Judge Brickman will be assisted in the assessments by a special guest judge.

Hamish Blake and Ryan McNaught, hosts of Lego Masters.Credit:NINE

Harrow (new season)

ABC, 8.40pm

The first season of this glossy Brisbane-based crime drama ended with maverick pathologist Daniel Harrow (Ioan Gruffudd) confessing to a crime, getting away with it and then being shot. The new season picks up with the rush to hospital and, given the show's title, it's not too much of a spoiler to reveal that he survives. Soon after, there's a meet-cute in a bar, a shooting at a cafe and the return of Harrow's familiar colleagues: his boss Maxine (Robyn Malcolm), his persnickety rival, Dr Lyle Fairly (Darren Gilshenan), and his loyal assistant, Simon (Remy Hii). There's also an interesting addition to the team. This slick series works a familiar formula, but has a charismatic lead and a strong supporting cast, and shows off the Queensland capital to good effect.

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