The Chase: Contestant is given question about ketchup speed

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The Chase is known for putting the contestants’ general knowledge to the test as they’re asked a series of questions on a wide range of topics. However, with some interesting ones being asked during Tuesday’s episode, people were calling for the person setting them to be sacked.

Tonight’s instalment of ITV’s The Chase saw another four hopefuls trying to win some cash by answering different rounds of questions.

With two contestants managing to get through their rounds and bringing back £15,000 between them, it was time for 45-year-old Fiona to face tonight’s chase, Paul Sinha.

During her cash builder round, one of the questions viewers saw Bradley ask was: “Foxes are members of the same family as domestic pets”.

Although she quickly answered cats, the host informed her the correct animal was dogs.

Managing to get four answers correct, she decided to play for £4,000 against Paul at the table.

However, when going head-to-head with the quizzer, her questions seemed to get odder.

Fiona was asked: “At what speed does Heinz tomato ketchup exit the traditional glass bottle.”

She was given the options of either 0.028mph, 0.28mph or 2.8mph and decided to choose 2.8mph.

The player decided to go with the fastest option, before being informed it was in fact the slowest.

Another question the hopeful contestant was faced with was how long can a wild warthog go without water.

After hearing some of the questions, viewers were quick to call out what Fiona was being asked with one fan calling for the person behind them to be fired.

Tommyboyraver said: “What’s going on with the questions tonight? Warthogs and ketchup.”

SteveBa15722015 added: “This is just a guessing game.. question setter needs sacking.. #TheChase”

GeorgiaBowring wrote: “#TheChase this lady is getting some really obscure questions??”

Ptfcfan10 said: “Some absolutely honking questions on tonight’s episode #thechase”

Sadly, Fiona was caught by Paul and was the only contestant to not earn a place in the final alongside the other players Emma, Rodger and Jamal.

The three players had earned £21,00 between them and set a target of 15 questions for the chaser to try and beat.

They seemed disappointed with their score as Emma told Bradley they needed some push-backs to be in with a chance of winning the game.

Unfortunately, the team were caught by Paul with 23 seconds left to spare and they went home empty-handed.

The Chase continues weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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