Wes Nelson has teamed up with his former Love Island co-stars Samira Mighty, Eyal Booker and Zara McDermott to form a group for The X Factor: Celebrity.

He will join Samira and Zara, both 22, and Eyal, 24, in an attempt to impress judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh.

But the 21 year old already has doubts about the supergroup's name, The Islanders, ahead of the show's launch this Saturday.

Speaking to heat magazine, he has laid in to his reality TV roots, blasting the group name for making him sound like a "f**king idiot."

Refusing to be addressed as a member of the group, he told the publication: "It's a touchy subject. I'm not saying 'The Islanders'. I'll look like a f**king idiot."

Discussing his decision for signing up to the celebrity version of the hit ITV reality show, he continued: "I'm not a diva! I still don't consider myself a celebrity, I hate saying that word. We just want to be known for something other than dating.

"There's so much more to us, all of us have that mutual love and passion for singing, and people don't know that.

"So this is going to be good, to be able to showcase what we really love and care about."

During the interview, the former Dancing On Ice star opened up on his relationship with Arabella Chi and how he's sure it won't fall victim to the curse of reality TV, after his split from Megan Barton Hanson during his time on the ITV's skating show.

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He said: "I have absolutely no doubts about my relationship. We got on so well. It's a very different dynamic to what I've had before.

"She's just so chilled. It's really nice to be going into this knowing it's going to be absolutely dandy.

"Unlike last year, it's worked so much better just taking a chilled out approach to this and going through the process like we would have done, regardless of the shows we've been on."

Megan recently opened up on her sex life with her ex-boyfriend, telling OK! magazine: "As much as I hate him now – that was a good d**k. That willy – I've never seen on like that!

"I used to date guys with long hair, who looked like they hadn't washed for a few weeks, then I got with the six-pack adonis who was so gorgeous from every angle."

But Wes responded negatively to her compliments, saying that he doesn't "give a flying monkey" about her comments.

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He told The Sun Online last month: "I absolutely do not give a flying monkey that she is making comments about me all the time. I take no notice.

"Remember I am 21 and I have been the mature one and not said anything.

"I could say numerous things that would try and take a dig at her but I am not that person.

"I'm here to enjoy my life and be prosperous in my career and find someone who is absolutely incredible and that is what I have done."

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