Unbelievable is available to stream and download on Netflix now. The eight-part miniseries is based on real-life events detailed in An Unbelievable Story of Rape, written by T. Christian Miller and Kem Armstrong. The series stars Toni Collette, Merritt Wever and Kaitlyn Dever amongst many others. The series dropped on Netflix yesterday (Friday, September 13) and fans are curious to know if there will be another series.

Will there be another series of Unbelievable?

Unfortunately, Netflix has not announced any details about Unbelievable season two.

The eight-part series only arrived on Netflix yesterday (Friday, September 13) so it is still early days.

Usually, Netflix announces renewals two months after the series is released on the global streaming site, so fans can expect news about the future of Unbelievable towards the end of 2019.

If Unbelievable is given the go-ahead, the earliest it will arrive will be in summer 2020.

Unbelievable is inspired by the true story of what happened to an 18-year-old American woman in 2008.

The series source material is taken from the 2015 Pulitzer Prize-winning article ‘An Unbelievable Story of Rape,’ written by T Christian Miller, Ken Armstrong and the This American Life radio episode titled Anatomy of Doubt.

In the series Unbelievable, the victim is given the name Marie, who is played by Kaitlyn Dever.

Marie reported the rape to police but was accused of false reporting and faced a year’s prison sentence if she did not take a plea deal.

Meanwhile, for almost two years, Marie’s attacker was able to roam free, carrying out more attacks on women across the United States.

He was eventually caught in 2011 after two Colorado female detectives noticed similarities in other rape cases.

As all of the source material has been used and the first series came to a definitive end,  there is a pretty high chance that Unbelievable will not return for a second season.

A Netflix rep told Women’s Health Magazine: “It’s a limited series and based on the true story, alas, we won’t have another season.”

Fans should never lose hope as Unbelievable may return with Decetevie Grace Rasmussen (played by Toni Collette) and Detective Karen Duvall (Merritt Wever) taking on a new case.

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The series has reviewed huge praise from critics and viewers across the world.

Lauren Thoman from Collider gave Unbelievable five stars and said: “Unbelievable holds all those truths in tension with one another, exploring them, confronting them, and revealing them in all their brilliance and ugliness.”

Hannah J. Davies from The Guardian gave the drama four stars and described Unbelievable as: “grimly credible story of trauma, power and injustice.”

Mike Hale from the New York Times commented: “A confounding, compelling story of rape and injustice is given a fictional retelling starring Toni Collette and Merritt Wever.”

Fans on Twitter have also been praising Unbelievable over the past 24 hours.

One fan wrote: “#MerrittWever is criminally underrated as an actress. Her role in #unbelievablenetflix is incredibly potent & considered. The emotional cadence of every actress in this series transcends the medium. It is gently didactic w/out punishing a very important, compelling narrative.”

Another added: “A tough watch but utterly gripping (and rage inducing). #unbelievablenetflix

A third fan tweeted: “In awe of #unbelievablenetflix and the performances of Kaitlyn, Meritt & Toni”

Unbelievable is available to stream and download on Netflix now


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