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The new paranormal investigation series from comedy duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg hits Amazon Prime Video this Friday, just in time for Halloween. Co-starring Malcolm McDowell, the iconic actor spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about his time on set and admitted he didn’t spend much time with half of Truth Seekers’ double act.

Following the likes of modern comedy classics Shaun of the Dead and Paul, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost return in another blend of humour and the supernatural, Truth Seekers.

Frost takes centre stage this time round as Gus Roberts, an enthusiastic amateur ghost hunter working for the UK’s number one broadband service, Smyle.

In each episode of the first season, Gus is sent around the country by his employer, Dave (Simon Pegg) and runs into a series of strange, supernatural occurrences. 

Legendary Brit Malcolm McDowell also joins the cast as Richard, Gus’s grumpy and reclusive father who spends most of his time trying to figure out the array of gadgets strewn about the house.

As the series progresses, more is revealed about their unconventional father-son relationship, and Richard strikes up a friendship with Helen (Susie Wokoma), the anxious sister of Gus’s new partner, ‘Elton John’ (Samson Kayo).

Although Truth Seekers is at its best when exploring the lives of Gus’s dysfunctional new team of wannabe ghostbusters, Malcolm McDowell confessed he missed out on working with one of the show’s biggest names.

Despite appearing in almost every episode, Simon Pegg’s Dave is tangential to the main story and never featured alongside McDowell’s character Richard.

With his best man, Gus, on the job, Dave spends most of his time in the Smyle offices, where he becomes convinced someone – or something – is surveying his every move.

The star revealed: “Actually, I didn’t work with Simon. I think just one day he came on, but I spoke to him a lot before I decided to do it.”

Simon Pegg is also credited as a producer and writer for the new series, and Malcolm McDowell assured he’s a huge fan of his work with Nick Frost in the past.

He added: “But I’m a great fan of their stuff. It’s really refreshing, and I love them. And they’re very funny guys and very good writers.”

Best known in the UK for his collaborations with Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright, Pegg has also starred in a number of Hollywood blockbusters.

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The Truth Seekers team revealed Simon Pegg was only present on set for the last week of filming, possibly because he was busy with the next instalment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

McDowell continued: “I missed Simon’s bit, he came in right at the very end, I think the last couple of days. By this time I was on a plane back to California.”

Star of classics such as A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell now resides in the States and more often appears in US films, such as Easy A and, most recently, Bombshell. 

Despite missing out on the opportunity to work with one of the UK’s most popular comedy stars, McDowell is optimistic he’ll get another chance in season two.

He said: “But I’m sure in the next one I’ll get to work with him. But yes, of course I’m great fans of both of them.”

Streaming service Amazon Prime has yet to greenlight a second season of Truth Seekers, so the show’s future is all dependent on how the first season performs.

The first eight episodes will be hitting screens this week, so fans of Pegg and Frost will have to make sure to tune in and unravel the show’s supernatural conspiracy.

Truth Seekers season 1 is available Friday, October 30 on Amazon Prime Video.

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