A TOP actress has turned "sex crazed" after making secret visits to a hormone doctor nicknamed "Dr Feelgood".

TV agent Melanie Blake has claimed a familiar face in the showbiz industry has been doing therapy and taking "magic potions", which has them a very active sexual appetite.

Speaking to The Sun, Melanie revealed: “I’ve known very famous actresses visiting a guy we called Dr Feelgood for hormone therapy that made them absolutely sex crazed.

“A number of celebrities have been to see this guy who gives them blends of HRT that includes testosterone and oestrogen and the celebrities who I know who have done too much in two weeks, oh God.

“These women are very sexually adventurous but they also learnt the lesson that the magic potions are not to be overused. It's not like real life. These are superhuman women.”

Melanie Blake masterminded the glittering careers of some of Britain’s best loved soap stars – including Beverley Callard, Claire King and Gillian Taylforth.

But after years behind the scenes the businesswoman has stepped out into the spotlight herself as the author of a new bonkbuster novel set at the studios of a fictional TV drama – which quickly looks extremely familiar.

But she's kept schtum about the celebrity's identity – instead letting fans guess as to whose sex drive has been boosted by Dr Feelgood.

Opening up about the antics she witnessed on set at Britain’s biggest soaps, Melanie added: “They say write about what you know, and the women in showbiz I have known over the years are very adventurous ladies.

“I learnt early doors, celebrities who are in the menopause have access to special doctors. It's really important, we discuss this in the book because we don't want any readers to go, 'oh, why don't I feel like this?'

“The NHS, if you take health issues out of this, give women oestrogen. Men are full of testosterone.

"So any man that doesn't cheat deserves a medal because he is hard wired to – men have about 28 grams of testosterone, women have about two grams naturally.

"That's why men are so much more in the red in their sex drive."

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