Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) was recently surprised to see old flame Tom King (James Chase) rock up in Emmerdale, mainly because she hadn’t seen or heard from him for 10 years. It soon became clear that there were still feelings between the two.

The show’s producer Jane Hudson told us, ‘Tom and Belle have a history, which they see each other and rekindle and we will be on a journey with Tom and Belle for quite some time as we play out the story.’

Tom – or Thomas as he was then known – was not an entirely pleasant character when we last saw him in the village.

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In fact he made life very uncomfortable indeed for Chas (Lucy Pargeter) as he was terrible to her in the aftermath of his dad Carl King (Tom Lister)’s death.

‘Part of the darkness at that time in Tom’s life definitely affected Chas,’ James Chase confirmed when we spoke to him. ‘He was awful to her, he really was.’

While Tom has some making up to do with Chas, it’s the relationship with Belle that seems uppermost in his mind as in Monday (May 1)’s episode we saw them meeting up at an otherwise empty Dingle family home.

Tom was initially awkward and tried to make conversation about the football and a film he’d seen.

‘We don’t have to do this,’ Belle said and leaned over to kiss him. Before Tom could ruin the mood with another tedious conversation-starter Belle got to her feet and held out her hand, leading him upstairs.

James Chase insisted that Tom’s feelings for Belle are genuine.

‘He’s very nervous to finally meet her again and speak to her again because it’s been so long and there are some very raw emotions there because he really did love her and cared for her.

He’s scared to see her again because the people you love, there are a lot of emotions there.

‘They were childhood sweethearts and they loved each other. Even though there was a lot of drama going on in his life at that time, she was a real shining star for him, the one good thing he could remember that gave him hope and love.’

But can Belle trust the man who previously dumped her without warning? Or is she heading for heartbreak again?

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