Tipping Point: Lucky Stars was back on Sunday night with three new celebrities hoping to bag some cash for charity.

Comedian Joe Lycett, Pussycat Dolls star Melody Thornton and journalist Henry Blofeld joined host Ben Shephard for their charity fundraising attempts.

And it was tense from the outset, seeing Joe, 32, joke to Pussycat Dolls star Melody Thornton, 35, that they should "storm off".

Henry racked up an impressive £900 in the first round with the drop of his first two counters.

However, Joe only managed to bank £400 with the same number of counters.

Melody finally got to have a bite at the cherry, but things didn't go to plan.

When her first counter was plunged into drop zone one, Melody tried to will her counter on to fall in her favour, as she said: "Jeez Louise."

Ben also offered encouragement, as he said: "That was in a rush to get down… and it's over the top shelf."

But Ben quickly spotted that Melody's counter potentially wasn't close enough to the other counters to to make any drop.

And Ben was correct, as despite Melody's attempt, zero counters managed to break free, seeing Melody's Tipping Point balance remain at £0.

Melody looked at the audience in sheer disbelief, before Joe waded in and offered his words of wisdom.

He said: "Cruel the show, isn't it?"

The stunning songstress agreed and said: "This show's hard."

Joe then joked that they should leave the studio.

He said: "Let's storm off," seeing Ben and the audience burst into fits of giggles.

Joe then pretended to storm off but quickly changed his mind.

"Oh no, I've got £400, I'm staying," Joe concluded.

Tipping Point returns Monday at 4pm on ITV

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