Kim Kardashian is known all over the world for her beautiful figure. She shows it off almost daily, and every time she looks perfect. How does she manage to pull that off?

Recently, Kardashian has made some big changes to her diet that may have something to do with it. When it comes to food, she has the willpower of a superhero. But Kardashian also makes good plans. Even her favorite food fits into her diet. 

Kim Kardashian eats a vegan diet

After reportedly being encouraged by Beyonce, Kardashian switched to a vegan diet. It started last April when Kardashian announced on Instagram: “I am eating all plant-based when I am home.” She also posted a photo of her meal that day: sweet potato hash with slices of avocado and a handful of young greens. 

Kardashian has actually made a habit of sharing her vegan meals on Instagram. She’s also posted photos of an acai bowl with various fruits and chia seeds, and a photo of meatless sausage and vegan egg substitute for breakfast. 

Although Beyonce encouraged Kardashian to switch to vegan, according to US Weekly, she doesn’t actually eat that way full time herself. Instead, she eats a vegan breakfast and practices meatless Mondays. But when Kardashian does something, she takes it all the way. 

Now, she claims she’s seeing great results because of it. She even credited her tiny waist on the vegan diet. After the Met Gala, when Kardashian squeezed into a tight dress and corset, she was accused of having a rib removed because her waist appeared so tiny that night.

In a discussion with her friend Anastasia Soare in an Instagram story clip, Kardashian discussed her new figure. Soare asked her how she got her waist so tiny, and Kardashian said: “I honestly think being vegan helps now.”

She then turned and admired her waist in the mirror, saying: “It does look really small today.”

Kim Kardashian’s favorite food

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We all have cheat foods now and then, so when Kardashian was asked by a fan what her favorite food was, we assumed it would be ice cream or cake. The discussion took place during a question and answer session with her Instagram followers. “I’ve never done this before, so ask me anything,” Kardashian wrote. 

A fan took the opportunity to ask what Kardashian’s favorite food is, and she provided an answer right away. “Mexican food is so good,” Kardashian wrote. She also posted a photo of chips and guacamole. “This is what I’m eating right now,” she added. 

Chips and guacamole is actually pretty healthy food. It’s usually vegan, and avocados are a nutrient powerhouse. Maybe that’s why Kardashian keeps such a nice figure. She doesn’t use junk as a “reward” like many of us tend to do. 

Kim Kardashian used to love cheese 

Before she went vegan, Kardashian admitted she loved cheese when asked about pregnancy cravings. As reported by E!News, she said: “Mostly cheese, chili cheese fries, everything with cheese.” 

It’s not a sweet food, so maybe her tastes haven’t changed that much over the years after all. But this makes us wonder if Kardashian is really struggling to keep to a vegan diet without her beloved cheese. 

If you have to skip the cheese, avocados are a good substitute. They have plenty of fat, so it has a similar texture and satisfying flavor. Kardashian must know what she’s doing after all. Not that we ever doubted it.

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