When Will goes missing, things get strange in this small Indiana town. Netflix’s Stranger Things viewers met characters like the courageous and kind Mike Wheeler, the paranoid Joyce Byers, and the supernatural experiment, Eleven, who earned the nickname, “El.” 

Although fans don’t know the exact birthday of most of the Stranger Things characters, there are some clues regarding these characters and their personalities. Here are some potential zodiac signs of the Stranger Things characters.

The ‘Stranger Things’ character, Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown — Pisces

As one of the signs connected most to the “supernatural,” some fans connect Eleven to the zodiac sign Pisces. Often associated with being empathic but somewhat closed off, Pisces’ are also deeply intuitive, which is a trait that allows Eleven to understand where Will is and communicate with her mother.

Dustin Henderson — Aquarius 

This character is typically a “go with the flow” kind of person. Aquarius’ are associated with being free thinkers and somewhat “off the beaten path,” just like when Dustin brought home his pet, Dart. Still, Dustin is insanely loyal and a good friend to have around.

Mike, born on April 7, is an Aries

According to Stranger Things Fandom, in the Stranger Things comic book, it states that Mike was born on April 7, making him an Aries. We totally see that for Mike, as this character often takes a leadership role in his friend group. He’s headstrong and hardworking, as well as honest and extremely courageous. 

Jim Hopper — Aries

As a fire sign, Aries are also known for their spirit and tenacity, which is what some fans see in Jim Hopper. Although it was not his kids that were directly in danger, this character was willing to drop everything to help Joyce find Will. He was also a leader, helping to keep the residents of Hawkins calm.

Max — Scorpio

This character is outspoken and fiery, just like her hair. “Mad Max” became an instant addition to the Hawkins AV Club squad. (Well, except to Mike.) However, Max was pretty different from the other friends. She was brave in the save of some weird creatures and she was loyal to whatever secrets the boys trusted her with — both are traits of a Scorpio.

Joyce Byers — Virgo

She’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect her children. Although she seems a little paranoid, it’s her organization and creative thinking that allowed her to communicate with Will. Because Virgos are known for being creative, kind, and sometimes stubborn, Joyce could be this zodiac sign.

The first three seasons of Stranger Things are available for streaming on Netflix. More information regarding the upcoming fourth season will presumably be announced in the coming weeks.

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