It might not seem like much to go off, but a penguin mask and a few scattered clues seem to have clued The Masked Singer fans in on who could be behind Rockhopper’s secret identity.

Fans of the show are convinced that a member of an iconic UK girl band could be slipping into Rockhopper’s neon yellow tights and pink combat boots for their first vocal performance on Sunday.

Taking to Reddit, eagle-eyed fans theorised that a member of Round Round hitmakers Sugababes is behind the mask.

Posting the well thought-out theory to the social media site, one fan penned: "It’s a Sugababe – here’s my evidence based on no vocals, height and a mysterious ’47 in Roman numerals clue’."

The clue was the number XLVII on the back of Rockhopper’s costume – which, translated into modern digits, represents the number 47.

Continuing to set out their theory, the Reddit user added: "47 comprises of 2 digits – 4 and 7. It would make more sense to have ’47’ in Roman numerals than ‘4’ and then ‘7’.

"How many lineups of Sugababes have there been 4!

"What was the last album featuring Keisha Buchanan called? ’Sweet 7’!

"Davina says that Rockhopper sings really well, doing a performance that drives ‘them to tears’. The Sugababes can sing really well if you give them a chance to."

The user went on: "The Sugababes are having a comeback with the original lineup – Siobhan, Mutya and Keisha. It wouldn’t make sense for Amelle, Heidi or Jade to appear as they’re not doing the comeback.

"The outfit looks like something similar to what was worn in the Round Round music video or the Angels With Dirty Faces era…"

Another fan quickly followed up on the theory, adding: "I hope it is Keisha. She’s got amazing vocals!"

Aside from the Roman numeral clue, there hasn’t been a whole lot else to base early theories on – though judge Davina McCall has offered up a slight tease of their performance.

Speaking in an interview about Rockhopper’s performance, Davina revealed: "Rockhopper did a performance that was so lovely and afterwards we could see that Rockhopper was actually crying after their performance. I felt like we needed to give them a moment to compose themselves.

"It was incredibly moving, it was really lovely that you can be so moved by a performance in a mask, that’s moved you to tears when you haven’t been able to connect with somebody with your face."

In an early clue released by official Masked Singer accounts, fans were told: "Rockhopper will be making tweet music in a bid to peng-win."

Whether ’tweet’ could hint at a strong social media presence or just imply that their vocals are consistent with someone in the music industry, viewers will have to wait to find out…

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