The Chase fans were left confused this week by a question on the popular ITV gameshow, with many viewers claiming it had been "made up".

During a repeat of a 2016 episode, which aired on Thursday (July 14), viewers of the popular quiz programme were left baffled after a question about a traditional Scottish dish called Festy Cock appeared onscreen – with many fans saying that they had never heard of it before.

The question said: "In Scotland, a pancake shaped patty called a 'festy cock' is traditionally eaten when?" followed by three answers: "Shrove Tuesday", "Christmas Eve" or "Halloween."

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However, many fans took to social media to say that they had never heard of the dish, with one saying: "I'm from Scotland and I've literally never heard of this in my life."

A second commented: "I’ve been from Scotland 36 years longer than my nephew here, and I’ve never heard of it either!"

A third added: "Nope, that's a deep cut Scottish reference, unless it's made up. Never heard of it."

Even Scottish comedian Janey Godley tweeted a screenshot of the question, saying: "Never heard of that," followed by a laughing emoji.

Although some fans thought the question was made up, it referenced a traditional Scottish dish that appears to be largely unknown.

According to Taste Atlas, as reported by Glasgow Live, Festy Cock is a traditional Scottish dish, which is a combination of finely ground oatmeal, water and salt.

It is described as an "oatmeal pancake", with the description stating: "In the past, the dish was baked in a kiln in order to celebrate Shrove Tuesday."

However, it is not the first time that viewers have claimed that a question on the ITV show was "made up", as back in February, contestants were asked: "What term is used for a mobile device with a screen size between a smartphone and a tablet?"

It was followed by three possible answers, "Smartable", "Tablone" and "Phablet," with host Bradley Walsh even saying that the correct answer Phablet "sounds so silly, doesn't it?" before admitting that he had never heard of it before.

Fans also took to social media to share their confusion over the question, with one saying: "Phablet? They definitely make up some of these questions…"

A second added: "Literally no one has ever said 'phablet'."

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