The Challenge veteran Cohutta Grindstaff has had short-lived relationships with popular competitors Nany González and KellyAnne Judd. As he has recently returned to The Challenge franchise by competing in spinoff All Starsfollowing a five-year break, many fans wonder if he would consider appearing in a highly requested exes season for the flagship series. During a Dec. 2021 interview, Cohutta answered if he would compete in an exes season with them and if he preferred to work with Nany or KellyAnne had he the chance.

Cohutta Grindstaff briefly dated Nany González and KellyAnne Judd during ‘The Challenge’ days

In 2007, Cohutta Grindstaff and KellyAnne Judd debuted on The Real World: Sydney, where the roommates fell for each other. They continued dating after the show, and she traveled to Georgia to meet his father.

However, the two split before appearing on their first season of The Challenge together, season 16’s The Island. A few years later, he and Nany González got acquainted with each other during Free Agents (2014) and developed a connection.

Still, they quickly broke up after filming wrapped as Cohutta decided to end things. While the reason isn’t apparent, he previously admitted in a 2015 People interview that he “probably broke her heart” as she “didn’t take that very well.”

Nany has also opened up about the breakup, noting she felt the Georgia native convinced her their relationship would work outside the house, allowing herself to fall in love with him.

He admitted he would ‘probably’ not compete in an ‘Exes’ season

After briefly competing on Battle of the Bloodlines (2016) together, he and Nany seemingly haven’t stayed in contact as he stopped appearing in seasons afterward.

As reports have circulated that an upcoming season of The Challenge could feature ex-flings, the first since 2015, Cohutta’s name has come up alongside favorites Nany and KellyAnne. During a Dec. 2021 interview with Mike Lewis, the Georgia native admitted he “probably” wouldn’t compete in an exes season with his former flames.

While the four-time competitor claimed he doesn’t have any “hard feelings,” he admitted he isn’t sure of who they are currently instead of who they were several years ago when they dated.

Additionally, Cohutta is in a relationship as well as Nany, who is dating Spies, Lies, and Allies winner Kaycee Clark. When asked to choose, Cohutta said he couldn’t pick but later noted he and KellyAnne might work together well as they’re similar in stature. 

Cohutta returned for ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2’

Following a five-year break, the veteran returned for All Stars 2 after getting cast as an alternate for the previous season.

Looking forward to working with longtime friend and two-time winner Abram Boise, who ended up not being able to compete, Cohutta didn’t have many allies and ended up in the first male elimination.

After defeating former finalist Ryan Kehoe, he returned to the house and has remained safe. Starting in episode 6, his teammate for the remainder of the competition is four-time player Casey Cooper.

The Challenge: All Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.

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