PIERS Morgan screamed in pain as he was hooked up to a 'labour simulation machine' and had contractions live on Good Morning Britain today.

The 54-year-old host flashed his hairy belly before he howled in agony after he was made to experience the sensation of child birth using a TENS machine.

Piers looked terrified half way through and tried to pull the pads off when flashes of pain pulsated through his abs.

The machine is commonly used by athletes to help increase their pain threshold and Piers got the same treatment after he insisted that giving birth couldn't be "that bad".

He told viewers that "creepy Bond villain" Stefan from the Netherlands would control the machine that delivers pain on a scale from 0 to 100.

And Stefan revealed that athletes usually crank it up to 40 to test their endurance to handle pain.

But Piers was given a shot of 60 bolts in order to replicate the feeling of actually giving birth.

The studio descended into chaos when he jumped off his chair and began screaming "get it off".

Piers wasn't afraid to expose his stomach for viewers, showing off the electronic pads that sent pulses into his abdomen.

Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway were nearby for support but Kate decided to film the antics on her phone instead as Kate squealed: "Have you had enough yet?"

As the pain increased, so did Piers' hilarious facial expressions and he eventually couldn't hold his scream in any longer.


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Viewers at home loved seeing Piers in pain and one said: "Oh piers.. imagine 48 hours of that pain and then followed by an emergency csection"

Another scoffed: "Can we stick this pain simulating machine up to 100 just to shut Piers up?"

One more laughed and said: "Piers…trust me…everyone is feeling your pain right now!"

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