KAILYN Lowry has slammed ex Chris Lopez after he refused to tell her where he was taking their sons on vacation.

The 29-year-old Teen Mom star revealed the latest disagreement with her baby daddy this week on her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama with Kail Lowry & Vee Rivera.

The mom-of-four claimed that Chris asked for a week-long vacation with their sons Lux, four, and Creed, one, but refused to tell her where he was planning on going with them.

"He did not, he claimed this vacation week, did not want to tell me where he was going and there is nothing in our order, actually I went back to look and to see, about vacation.

"There is nothing in the order that says he needs to disclose where he’s going.

"So I was like, I'm not obligated to give up my week if you’re not going to tell me where my kids are going, when you’ve never had Creed for a week."

Kailyn said she started questioning whether she was being petty but added that she always keeps her other baby daddies up to date when she goes away with the kids.


"I told him whenever I was going to Dominican Republic, I told all the dads, 'Hey, I'm going to Dominican Republic from this date to this date,' and that was me offering the information."

She added, "I did do that and I expected the same in return."

Kailyn explained she was worried that if something were to happen and she went to the police it would look bad if she couldn't tell them where her kids were.

"These are my children and I do have them 90% of the time." she added.

Vee chimed in and said she it's normal to want to know where your children are and that Kailyn and Chris 'parallel parent' instead of coparenting.


"Parallel is more for parents that can’t talk as well, the problem solving is not there." Vee said.

Kailyn agreed that it sounded like what she was experiencing with her ex.

"I can’t disclose the custody things but the psychologist said we don’t have the ability to effectively problem solve.

"That's why we need therapy which we never did."

"I want to coparent and I want to do better. I just don’t know what it’s going to take."

Kailyn added that she argues with Chris on text all day long.

"I don’t want to answer your phone calls because I want it in writing. Because we don't get along."

Kailyn also shares son Isaac, 11, with ex Jo Rivera and seven-year-old Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

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