KAILYN Lowry and Vee Rivera have been slammed for "giggling" about having Covid on their podcast.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 29, and her podcast co-host Vee were branded "disgusting" for joking that they had "cooties" and were "Covid queens".

Kailyn contracted Covid while vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her four sons and unknowingly passed it on to Vee.

The pals seemed to make light of their situation in the latest episode of theirBaby Mamas No Drama podcast on Tuesday.

"For those of you guys listening that don't know, Vee and I have Covid," Kailyn told listeners.

"We are Covid queens," Vee added, joking: "We got cooties."


"I am so sorry. I honestly think we brought it home from the Dominican Republic," Kailyn admitted.

"Last Thursday we tested negative in Dominican Republic, and then came home, and in order to film we had to test again on Monday and that was also negative," she explained.

"But then by that following Thursday it was positive and I knew because I felt like s**t all week. Once I lost my taste and my smell I knew what it was."

Their listeners were unimpressed with how they handled contracting the potentially fatal virus.

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One critic said in a review: "I wonder if the families of the 500,000 plus dead Americans think that Covid is as funny as the two of you do.

"Extremely distasteful. It's clear y'all don't care, but you've lost a listener. Disgusting."

Another fumed: "Giggling about Covid… no coming back from that one for me."

A third user posted: "Sorry, I can't support an anti-vaxxer, Covid super spreader giggling about having Covid and giving it to God knows who."

Elsewhere on her podcast, Kailyn confessed that she also gave Covid to her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and although they were all asymptomatic, to her sons Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.

"It's been so hard the past week just trying to be able to rest but also have my infant, he's one. But he's been a trooper. He hasn't fought me at bedtime at all," she explained.

On Monday, Vee hopped on her Instagram stories to tell fans about her "miserable" experience with Coronavirus, as she completely lost her sense of "taste and smell."

"I'm so sad sleeping in the bed by myself and Vivi keeps looking at me like, 'don't come near me,'" she shared, mentioning her five-year-old daughter.

"It's so sad I want to be able to smell her again, I want to be able to kiss my husband, I'm miserable."

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