TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska clapped back at the troll who asked her "what happened" to her dark hair after she had ditched her red locks.

Chelsea, 29, recently head a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram. 

A fan asked: "What happened to your new dark hair?"

The Teen Mom 2 star clapped back and said: "Nothing happened to my new dark hair."

The reality star explained that she had red hair "for so long" and the color was "fading," which was "normal."

Chelsea mentioned that she would "dye" her hair "a few times" and that it would "stick better."

Recently, the TV star shared her "natural" look and dark hair during the July 4th weekend.

While out on the beach with her family, Chelsea showed off her dark curly locks as she had on a hat and sunglasses. 

Along with her dark hair braided, she also had two small nose rings while carrying her infant. 

Teen Mom fans jumped onto the comments section over on Reddit to praise Chelsea's new look. 

A fan said: "She is looking great. Love the hair."

Another fan mentioned: "This is the most natural she's looked in…maybe forever since she's been on TM? I hope she embraces it, it looks fab."

A third person wrote: "Parroting what everyone else is saying…but dang she looks great with that hair color."

This was a complete 180 from the fans as they reacted harshly towards Chelsea and her "orange" spray tan.

Previously, the mom of four recently ditched her signature red hair and colored it black.

Chelsea had an even darker spray tan, which fans weren't too thrilled about. 

Fans agreed and stated: "Look at her hands. The one hanging down you can see the palm is VISIBLY lighter and the one holding the phone looks like the knuckles have tanner residue on them. I like Chelsea but this is bad."

This is not the only question that the MTV star answered during her Q&A session. 

Another fan asked: "Do you think you will have any more children in the future?"

The 16 & Pregnant shares Aubree, now 11, with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind.

Chelsea also shares Watson, three, Layne, two, and now seven-month-old Walker with husband Cole DeBoer, 33.

During the car ride, Chelsea said: "This is the most asked question that we always, always get…if we're going to have more kids, do we think we're going to have more kids.

"I would say we don't think we're going to have more…"

Cole interrupted and chimed in: "But you know, if we do, we do."

Chelsea agreed with her hubby and added: "Yeah, who knows."

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