While the presidential results have yet to be called, it's clear that this teenage boy is the real winner of election night.

On Friday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was in the middle of a live interview on MSNBC when his son accidentally walked in while staring at his phone. After taking a few steps into the room, the teen boy looked up from his device and realized he was in the background of the broadcast.

Instead of quickly darting out of the shot, Sharpio's son, with his phone in hand, slowly backed out of the room.

With all eyes on the news waiting for the election results, Sharpio's son provided some well-needed comedic relief and quickly went viral for his hilarious retreat.

The priceless clip sent the internet into a frenzy, evoking responses from tons of social media users.

Kathy Griffin dubbed the boy a "national treasure," while CNN's Jake Tapper tweeted, "I love this so much #DadLife."

"YOOOOOO THAT IS FUNNY!! He didn’t even flinch lol," SNL's Leslie Jones wrote alongside a video of her cackling at the photobomb.

Possibly the best reactions, however, came from Shapiro's family.

The father of four shared the clip on Twitter and teased, "I'm taking his phone away for 24 hours 😂."

Shapiro also posted the video on Instagram, writing, "See, politicians are people too! 😂."

Shapiro's daughter, Sophia, also reacted to the video of her brother on social media, sharing that she was a "proud sister" and later joked, "My brother is a meme and I am here for it."

Shapiro shares sons Jonah, Max, and Reuben, and daughter Sophia with wife Lori.

The Democrat was re-elected as Pennsylvania's attorney general this week, defeating Republican challenger Heather Heidelbaugh.

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