Taskmaster returned on Thursday, but the standout contestant who left viewers cackling with her antics was Daisy May Cooper after she ‘rammed a cow into a hedge’. 

Daisy found her appearance on the show just as funny – so funny in fact that viewers were worried the star, who was seven months pregnant at the time, would laugh herself into labour. 

The This Country star dissolved into uncontrollable laughter every time host Greg Davies commented on her… questionable… performance in some of the tasks leaving viewers concerned she could laugh so hard she’d give birth. 

They tweeted: ‘Genuinely concerned Daisy May Cooper might go into labour on #Taskmaster’ and ‘Does DaisyMay Cooper give birth live on #Taskmaster tonight. I need to know’. 

Another added: ‘Eggcellent start to the new #Taskmaster series, really cracking! Slightly concerned that Daisy May Cooper will give birth on set if she carries on laughing so hard!’

Thankfully, Daisy’s baby didn’t end up being born then and there on the Taskmaster set – which came as a huge relief to some. 

Fans weren’t the only ones worrying about a mid-show birth as host Greg Davies admitted he was also concerned. 

Greg said: ‘There was never one occasion when she was belly laughing where I didn’t think: “This could be it”.  

‘I’m sure it will show in our faces if you look closely at the footage.’ 

Daisy announced the birth of her second child, a son named Jack Michael Weston, at the start of September, thankfully without any of the Taskmaster crew having to step in to play midwife.  

Taskmaster airs Thursdays from 9pm om Channel 4. 

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