Susanna Reid has made her return to Good Morning Britain after being off sick – but she's been forced to make a big change in an attempt to get herself better.

The 52 year old TV star has missed a few days of work due to her illness, but she was back at the desk with co-host Ed Balls on Tuesday, 12 September.

She referenced This Morning host Holly Willoughby, as she spoke about how her voice had been affected by her illness.

Susanna said: "I felt like I'd been vaping. I sounded like I'd been smoking 20 a day. It's so frustrating. I think I sound like Holly [Willoughby], you know she's got that little catch in her voice, which is so appealing. But about two days ago, I sounded like I had Holly but with bronchitis.

"I had no voice at all on Saturday night and I don't really understand what's gone wrong. I felt mildly ill, nothing you wouldn't work through. If everyone stayed off when they had the mild sniffles then work wouldn't get done."

She saw a specialist yesterday, who has revealed to her why she might have lost her voice. She explained: "Funny enough, last week, I joked with Laura that it was about the hot weather, and all the climate trolls came out and said I can't believe you're taking it that far. Actually, I saw a specialist yesterday who said that maybe because of the hot weather, I didn't stay hydrated enough."

"I've got to switch my normal coffee for a peppermint tea, so life's become a little less enjoyable for me and everyone around me. As you may have realised in the meeting Ed, because me without coffee at five in the morning is a different beast," she said.

Ed then joked with Susanna: "You were on a scale of your normal grumpiness, you were slightly more grumpy than usual but it was within a range that was both manageable and discernible."

Whilst she was off from work, Suanna took to Instagram to share an update with her followers.

She said: "Quick update on my voice which as you can hear is not one hundred per cent.

"I feel absolutely fine but the specialist that I saw on Friday said not to risk it until it is better.

"Thank you to everyone at GMB for stepping in and to all of you for your brilliant tips. I have been steaming and also doing honey and lemon and ginger and turmeric tea and drinking tons and tons of water. I will see you soon."

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