SUSANNA Reid left viewers confused today as she interviewed her boyfriend Steve Parish on Good Morning Britain – without mentioning their romance.

Steve – who is the chairman of Crystal Palace FC – appeared live on the ITV morning show to talk about the collapse of the European Super League.

However,when Susanna introduced the footie boss she failed to mention they were an item.

The only giveaway was a smile as the presenter said on Wednesday morning: "We're joined now by Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish, morning Steve."

Viewers were left confused, with one saying: "Didn't Susanna used to date Steve Parish?"

Another asked: "Are Susanna and Steve Parish still together? Weird interview if so…"

The Sun revealed Steve and Susanna were an item again last August following their original amicable split.

The pair went their separate ways in April 2019 after eight months together, but were spotted on a date night at Indian restaurant Kricket last summer.

An insider told us at the time: "They looked totally into each other. If ever it was in doubt whether they were an item again, this shows they are.

“Steve had his arms protectively around Susanna and tenderly planted a kiss on her head at one point before they flagged a cab.”

Susanna started their interview on Wednesday by asking about the now-scrapped European Super League.

Keeping it strictly business, she said: "Was this fan power which eventually defeated the European Super League and, if so, why are the owners of the top six clubs so out of touch with what their supporters feel about the game?"

Steve replied: "Well it certainly was the fans. The fans really fought for the right to lose yesterday.

"They said they don't want victory without the jeopardy and the risk of losing. It's meaningless to them. And they don't want to be a part of a league with no relegation and no promotion.

"So absolutely the fans, the players, the managers who came out against it, all of them must deserve high praise.

"We have to remember these things are dreamed up by people, not football clubs. What we've got to do now is try and start a healing process and find a way forward."

Steve continued: "This was an attempted coup of football. And what we need to see now – I'll really believe they're sorry when they go back to UEFA and row back on all the things that they banked before they did this.

"So I don't want to hear anymore about coefficients, and special voting rights and selective history of distributions of money based on the last three years performing in the Champions League.

"What we need now is [UEFA Chairman] Mr Čeferin to stand up to these guys, to face them down and say right, you've played your card that you've threatened us with for the last ten years. It's failed.

"Hopefully this is a catalyst for real, real change and this is a massive victory for the fans. And I'm really pleased to see it."

The Sun first told how Palace fan Susanna, 49, had fallen for divorced dad-of-two Steve after bonding over their love of his club.

They enjoyed a string of dates, a romantic mini-break and visits to Selhurst Park to cheer on their beloved Eagles.

Last year, Susanna vowed never to marry.

In 2014, she split from Dominic Cotton — dad to her three teenage sons — after being together for 16 years.

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