SUPERMARKET Sweep’s latest episode left fans utterly exasperated.

The grocery-based game show, originally fronted by the late Dale Winton, in now headed up by Rylan Clark-Neal on ITV2.

Alas, last night’s episode drove many to frustration as contestants Rowan and Abbey failed to win anything.

Aside from struggling to navigate the aisles, even when items were literally right in front of their eyes, the girls seemed to struggle when it came to tactics.

For example, rather than stealing time from their rival pair, they opted to take it from the already-eliminated duo.
It didn’t take long for the keyboard warriors to take to social media to blast the competitors for their missteps.

“Well I must say tonight's Supermarket Sweep was the worst, they were barely moving around, quite slow and not getting much in their trolleys,” one wrote.

“Their totals are absolutely shocking. I spend more in a one minute shop round the corner on a Sunday,” another fumed.

A third exclaimed: “Omg how painful was that to watch?!”

While a fourth wearily added: “Never felt more anxious going to bed than after watching the new Supermarket Sweep. I’m shaking.”


Still, in a bid to comfort the girls, the official Twitter account for the show wrote: “NOOOOO! Commiserations to Rowan and Abby, what a fantastic effort.”

The furore comes amid a bevvy of viewers grievances with the reboot.

Viewers initially kicked off about food waste on the show, as one contestant threw piles of fresh produce onto the floor before trampling on them.

Next they bemoaned the show’s scheduling, claiming it should’ve stuck to the original 30-minute time frame compared to the current hour.


They also insisted the show didn’t need to be on every single night and would be best suited to as weekly slot.

Finally, a new wave of whinging kicked off as viewers claimed there was a lack of age diversity among the contestants, as many of them were under the age of 30.

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