Fleur East says Strictly experience is 'difficult to deal with'

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Fleur and Vito have managed to secure a place in this weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing final after wowing the judges and the public over the last few months. The singer has talked candidly before about the loss of her father and how big a fan he was of the BBC competition, which inspired her to give the popular show a go. Reflecting on her choice of dance for the final, she expressed to Express.co.uk why the “special” routine meant a lot to her as Vito dedicated it to her dad.

Former Strictly professional Janette Manrara led a discussion ahead of the highly-anticipated final with each of the couples.

The four pairs will perform three dances on Saturday: one they have selected themselves from their previous routines, one picked by the judges and finally a show dance.

Chatting to Fleur about the dance she will be repeating, Janette commented: “Your couple’s choice. The only perfect-scoring dance of the series, and you’re doing it in the final again.

“I know I personally can’t wait to watch it again, are you guys excited to perform it again?”

“That was a really, really special moment for us,” Fleur replied.

“I mean, a perfect score was incredible. But for us, it was so amazing because we dedicated that to my family.

“And it had a real sentimental feeling behind it. I wear my dad’s ring every day.”

“And we touch it always,” Vito added. “And he and this is the reason why we choose this dance.

“Not because of the score, but because we dedicated it to the father and the family, and because all the family was there.

“Because we always have the [Fleur’s] father with us.”

Talking about what winning would mean, Vito later remarked: “If we win, I know that I have the support of the family and I’m grateful to them, but if I win I will dedicate the win to Fleur’s father.

“Because he is the reason why she wanted to do Strictly, because he was a huge, massive fan.

“And we are doing this for him, so if we win, my dedication of the win, my 50 percent of the win will go to him.”

Fleur became tearful at Vito’s heartfelt gesture.

Talking about the potential to win the series, Fleur commented: “Right now if we won, it’d be like a miracle!

“We’ve had so much, it’s been a turbulent journey, it really has.

“I think when we reached Blackpool, we felt like we’d won to be honest.

“Getting through to the final feels like an even bigger win… to actually win, I mean, I didn’t even know what we’d do!”

Strictly Come Dancing continues with the 2022 final on Saturday at 7.05pm on BBC One.

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