STRANGER Things actor David Harbour is just as desperate as fans of the show to know what happened to his character Jim Hopper at the end of the third season.

The beloved local sheriff left fans beside themselves with worry after being caught up in an explosion in the finale episode and seemingly disappearing without a trace.

A post-credits scene teased that he may have been captured by the Russians, who referred to one of their prisoners simply as ‘The American’.

Harbour appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about what may become of his Netflix counterpart.

“Well, here’s the thing. I always knew that Hopper had to make a sacrifice,” he began.

“Like, he’s a jerk, and he also needs to pay for that in some way… so I thought he’d make the sacrifice.”

He admitted he too was holding out hope that he was indeed “The American”.

However, when he was mulling over the confirmation of a fourth season, he expressed some concern that producers hadn’t been in touch to arrange filming.

“I haven’t gotten many phone calls,” he confessed, before deciding to call Matt and Ross Duffer live on air to get to the bottoms of things.

“Am I dead? Is Hopper dead?’ David asked, as Seth looked on in disbelief.

“I mean, we’re still figuring it out, David,” Ross replied, which didn’t exactly go down well.

David shot back: “‘You guys are a ton of help, really wonderful work. Good luck with season four.”

Fans of the show have cooked up their own theories about how Hopper will make his comeback, with some predicting a time travel twist.

Others reckon he’ll be rescued from the Upside Down after Eleven regains her powers.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available to stream now on Netflix.

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