STRANGER Things viewers were left with two burning questions at the end of season 3: is Hopper alive and who is ‘The American’?

The Netflix sci-fi hit is set to return late next year after filming wraps in August and fans are keeping themselves busy in the meantime by cooking up all manner of theories.

It has largely been speculated that Hopper (David Harbour) survived the blast in the Russians’ facility as a body was never found.

What’s more, in the post-credits scene of the finale episode, two Russian soldiers are seen discussing one of their prisoners, referring to them as ‘The American’.

As such, many viewers put two and two together and assumed that Hopper must be the man in question.

However, now some are wondering if the late Billy (Dacre Montgomery) could be making an unlikely return.

We know Billy sacrificed himself to the Mind Flayer to give Eleven a chance to escape in what proved to be a final act of redemption.

However, ScreenRant floated a theory as to how he could be resurrected and fans can’t get enough of it.

First things first, show creators Matt and Ross Duffer are known for their love of a twist, so on a superficial level it makes sense for them to go with the unexpected and serve up a curveball.

What’s more, it would give the heartthrob a chance to become a fully-fledged anti-hero, completing his development from Hawkins’ resident bully to a more sympathetic figure.

Plus everyone would no doubt love to see more of his troubled dynamic with younger stepsister Max.

In season 3 episode The Gate we saw how Billy was physically abused by his father and a return would give him a chance for closure or even revenge.

While unlikely, it’s also possible that Billy was dragged into the Upside Down after being caught after the portal became unstable and sent shockwaves through the Starcourt Mall.

Of course, that could mean that Hopper is out of the picture, but since his car was spotted on set last month, we that we’ve seen the last him.

The theory comes after show runners are apparently seeking out four men to join the series with “recurring roles.”

Specifically, they are looking for three teenagers and an adult, according to TV line.

Among the teens they are looking to cast “an entitled jock” and “a metalhead,” who will no doubt serve as rivals to the likes of Mike, Lucas and Dustin.

Meanwhile the description for the adult man says he “possesses characteristics that suggest he will figure prominently in a certain story line set far, far away from Hawkins”.

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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