Steph’s Packed Lunch has been on air since 2020 and during its two years on Channel 4, viewers have seen a whole host of crazy moments provided by presenter Steph McGovern.

Her lunchtime chat show airs on weekdays and guests are invited to discuss all kinds of topical news such as politics, media, entertainment and viral content.

The lighthearted programme aims to “engage in conversations” and “provide insightful information” for its viewers, while “members of the audience get a chance to share their personal stories”.

However, throughout her rosta of celebrity guests, chefs and personalities, there have been countless shocking, awkward and downright weird moments on the show.

Keep reading to see how Steph and her pals have dealt with their on-air antics.

Nude Show

Back in May 2021, Steph welcomed actress Gemma Atkinson, Alan Johnson and comedian Luke Kempner on the show, but viewers got more than they bargained for as they tuned in.

The entire group stripped off and sat in their armchairs completely naked – to which Gemma protested that she “didn’t sign up for this” – after a segment about the popularity of naturism in young people.

Steph spoke to two young naturist enthusiasts who chatted about their passion, which got Steph thinking.

She looked at her guests and asked: “What do you reckon? Are you up for the nakedness?”

The host then snapped her fingers and they were all naked, with cushions placed to cover their modesty.

Luke Kempner also read the One O’Clock views segment whilst naked, John Whaite provided the cooking in his birthday suit and Michael Perry, in the nude, informed viewers about gardening.

Stormed Off Set

Comedian Joe Lycett made an appearance on the show and spoke about single-use plastics, but Steph caught him out when a picture of the star flashed up on screen.

Steph pointed out that she could see “one of the bottles he said he would stop using,” to which a stone-faced Joe quipped that he “didn’t realise he was on Newsnight”.

The audience laughed but Joe’s face didn’t change and he could be seen fiddling with his mic before the camera cut to Steph, who introduced the next segment.

The camera panned away and showed Joe storming off set in anger.

Facing His Fears

Diversity star Jordan Banjo came to show and Steph wasted no time when she found out he had a rather unusual fear.

Jordan, who is afraid of the vegetable asparagus, was faced with a plate of the green stuff and chaos ensued.

He explained that it was the “weird spearheadedness” of its shape that gave him the heebie-jeebies and even admitted that he was stalling time so that he didn’t have to try the veg.

Fellow Diversity member Perri Kiely picked up the asparagus and waved it near his face, which made Jordan scream in alarm and left the studio in fits of laughter.

Cheeky Comment

Journalist and priest Kate Bottley joined the gang and recalled a funny anecdote about something she’d seen: “I don’t really understand why it was funny, but I saw a female plumbing firm called Stop Cocks.”

She raised her eyebrows at the camera as she sipped her tea which left the studio in giggles.

Russell Kane then joked that the comment would get the show “cancelled”.

Pottery Problems

Steph and her pal John Whaite demonstrated some pottery live on-air but as John tried to get the hang of his wheel, he accidentally made a suggestive figure with his clay.

The guest demonstrator said: “John, yours is getting a bit phallic!”

Everyone laughed as Whaite said he “thinks he’s met this one before,” which left Steph “unable to breathe”.

In The Nude

Chris Kamara modelled for Steph’s mock life drawing class and gave her an eyeful as she tried to present the show.

He was covered strategically by a bowl of fruit as the host welcomed him on to the show and called him “a sight for sore eyes” as the audience wolf whistled.

The former footballer joked that he had been told he would be on the show Naked Attraction as Steph’s guest stars Marcus Brigstocke and Michael Postillo attempted to paint him.

McGovern then asked her life model to get dressed, to which he gave a little groan as he was “quite enjoying it”.

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