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Beginning today’s show, presenter Steph McGovern was elated to announce that comedian and regular guest Luke Kempner’s baby has been born.

After announcing the upcoming segments of today’s show, Steph added: "I’ve got a bit of good news for the family everyone, Luke has had his baby.

"He's had a little girl and they're all okay and that's lovely. He’s just sent me a message saying ‘What do I do now?’"

The host was asked if he had called her Steph, which saw her respond: "I don't know – I'm waiting to hear! We'll find out but congratulations Luke. I know you're not gonna be watching."

His wife, Virgin Radio DJ Alana Macfarlane Kempner, gave birth to their child after being overdue, with Luke revealing last week that the baby was "taking the p**s" as she was eight days overdue.

He wrote on Instagram: "Not even a text to say they were gonna be late."

It was only last month that Steph spilled the news that Luke was going to be a dad, with the host adding: "So he's got all the advice on the essentials you need on what you need to pack for the maternity ward.

"Plus, he is going to be experiencing labour pains. He's going to feel like what mum's go through when they have contractions."

At the time Luke responded: "I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. It’s going to be fine, I’m not worried."

Luke's happy news kicked off the show on Monday, but elsewhere Steph began discussing body imagine with TOWIE's Charlie King.

He discussed his struggles with body dysmorphia after he underwent corrective nose surgery, a procedure which reconstructed his nose with pieces of ear cartilage, which damaged his personal views of his appearance even further.

"I was bullied at school which definitely affected me and on the show. I was struggling with the sexuality side of things. Anyone who knows me knows that I came out quite late."

He went on to discuss the damaging effects of excessive social media use, mentioning that TOWIE was the Instagram before Instagram, referencing the problems that can arise from comparing yourself to the people you see on the social media platform.

He urged viewers to "not feel bad about unfollowing people" and to seek the help they need.

His open and honest interview struck an emotional chord with the TV personality as he began to tear up. His voice cracked as he pressed on: “I’m now just coming through and can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it’s a work in progress.”

“I want to take control – enough now. I don’t care about perfection. If you’re obsessing or comparing yourself, start getting help. Therapy helped me look at the bigger picture.”

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