What happens when the Stephen Colbert from our universe crosses over into the TV universe of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Selina Meyer? It doesn’t go as planned, for one.

In a new sketch for The Late Show, which welcomed the cast of HBO’s Veep on Thursday night’s episode, Colbert dimensionally hops into the TV world to warn that everything these political animals are doing ends up happening in his universe.

“Foul-mouthed president who tweets like a child, blaming everything on the Chinese, election interference, a completely moronic Press Secretary,” Colbert lists off. “How about anti-daylight savings time laws? Seven-hundred measles cases and rising. You are killing my world!”

Meyer doesn’t want to hear any of it, Kent (Gary Cole) is more concerned with correcting Colbert on daylight saving time, and Mike (Matt Walsh) is here to remind us that he’s a “completely moronic member of the press.” When they all finally realize who they’re talking to, they also don’t believe CBS would hire “Where’s Waldo’s pedophile brother” to host The Late Show.

Oh well. At least Colbert tried.

Elsewhere on the late-night talk show, Colbert sat down with Veep cast members to discuss the final season. “This, for me, is up there with The Lord of the Rings,” the host, a Veep and J.R.R. Tolkien superfan, admitted to the actors. “This is like talking to The Fellowship of the Ring right now.”

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